genet (enveri) wrote,

Oh-em-gee. I made foccacia bread to go with the beef and barley soup I had on the menu for dinner tonight. The bread requires an 18 hour rise, but wow, it was worth it! It's soft and chewy and oh-so-yummy with the kosher salt and fennel seeds on the top. Num! The soup was good, and a little frustrating, as after 2 hours of cooking on the stove, the carrots are still on the wrong side of al dente, and even the celery still had some crunch. I prefer my vegetables to be on the soft side in soups, so when I do the leftovers, I'll probably cook it a bit longer. The soup itself is delightfully velvety and tomato-y, and the little barley bits reminded me of spaghettios, of all things. I will definitely make it again. :9
Tags: food

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