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I just got yelled at by Roho's downstairs neighbor because I am doing my laundry.

This... eastern gentleman (juding by his accent.. slavic or indian or something) was fussing because it is 8:19 am and the rule is to not do laundry before 8:30.

I apologized 10 times, and he was still ranting and angry.

what the HELL is wrong with people? I said I was sorry, I didn't realize. Even if people did this on a daily basis, perhaps mr grumpy could put a bigger sign on the door... because I sure as hell didn't see one.

I don't do my laundry at night because I get home after 10pm and I understand that's late.

I didn't know anyone lived in that particular apartment and I *didn't* slam the door to the laundry room. I'm SORRY if I MUST wash my laundry in the mornings due to my work schedule. If you want me to go to a laundrymat, fine. pay my gas there, or move to another apartment.
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