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haikujaguar nudged me and said I needed to the whole '25 things about me' meme after we had a discussion about amusement parks.


1. I was born at Beauregard Memorial Hospital in DeRidder, Louisiana. (For those trying to find it on a map, it's south-western Louisiana, about 40 miles north of Lake Charles)

2. I attended Louisiana School for Math, Science and the Arts for my junior and senior years of high school. I graduated with a C average.

3. I have 5 siblings. The oldest is 49, the youngest will be 29 in March (Hi crex100!)

4. The earliest drawing I remember is from when I was 6. I scratched a horse into the shower stall in my bathroom. (Is it still there, Matt?)

5. I don't like seafood. I'm not sure if it's an allergy or just aversion, but it makes me sick.

6. I joined the school band in 5th grade. I wanted to play the saxophone, but my dad made me play the flute.

7. I got married in 1998 to a man I had known for less than 6 months. The divorce was 18 months later.

8. I met roho online in 1999 while still married to husband #1.

9. I don't like meat on pizza unless it's pepperoni.

10. When I was little, I wanted to be an archeologist.

11. I love horses. I have had a fascination with them since I was 2.

12. I love Louisiana marshes at sunrise, with the shrimp boats moving out for the morning's work. I miss the particular smell, the feel of the breeze on my face, the salty tang in the air.

13. I love outdoor activities. I miss camping trips.

14. I'm uncomfortable around people I don't know well.

15. I'm really uncomfortable in crowds.

16. I was raised Mormon, and even though I don't actively belong to any church, it influences my beliefs and how I behave to this day. I welcome questions about the religion, but have very little patience with dramatics and misinformation being blown out of proportion.

17. I am fiercely loyal to the people I care about.

18. I've eaten nutria and alligator, but until a few years ago, I would have said I was a very picky eater.

19. I've never been to Disneyland or Disneyworld. My first roller coaster experience was at King's Dominion in Richmond, VA. I was on a band trip to DC.

20. I've never been outside the United States. (There was a quick trip to Mexico where we walked over the border to Ciudad Acuña, but we were out of the country for all of 20 minutes)

21. I <3 power tools. And I know how to use them!

22. I am comfortable around firearms and know how to shoot them.

23. I wrote pornographic stories for my friends while we were in junior high.

24. I was an adult before I learned how to swim.

25. I like tidying other people's houses alot more than I like cleaning my own.

26. I have been friends with my husband for 10 years, in love with/dating him for 8. We will have been married for 3 years come September, and I love him more every day. I know how rare it is to find the person that makes you feel whole, and I will be forever grateful that we found each other when we did.

Okay, I know it was more than 25 things... there is actually alot more I could put down. Maybe next month. :)



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Jan. 28th, 2009 11:05 pm (UTC)
#12 I know just how you feel about that one. Today there was a warm moistness in the air, with a light breeze, that reminded me ever-so-slightly of being in Louisiana, and... there was just something about the texture of the humidity there, wasn't there? Velvety. And the breeze. Like you could feel the river moving in the air.

*boggles at #23*
Jan. 29th, 2009 02:41 am (UTC)
You are going to love our little condo then... You can't see the shrimp boats from here, but there IS a marsh, and the boats are only a few blocks away ;)

That.... smell.... and the thick air is what made me move back.
Jan. 29th, 2009 06:26 am (UTC)
You're description of what Louisiana was like sound amazing. I've always wanted to visit New Orleans. I'm almost afraid of going there now though because I know it's not going to be the same as it was before Katrina.
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