September 6th, 2012

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State of Mind

I should probably post an update so that people know I’m not dead.

So. Yes. Not dead. We’re in the middle of moving (officially next week), so if you have reason to want/need our new address, ping me and I’ll send it to you. For those that missed this news, our landlord sold the multi-family house we were renting an apartment in, and the new owners jacked the rent by $500. Even if they hadn’t raised the rent to lolwut levels, we would have moved anyway- we had a wonderful roommate moving in, and our place just wasn’t big enough for three.

So we found a stunningly beautiful 4 bedroom apartment just a mile away, and this scruffy looking guy that used to lurk around our couch eating cheesecake decided he was tired of his basement and claimed one of the bedrooms for himself. So now there are four of us, and it is good. (I am truly happy, J is like a brother to me, and C is just amazing.)

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Anyway, that’s the state of things. Now back to work!