September 1st, 2012

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Ahh, hello 4 AM! We have not seen each other in a while, usually I'm socializing with 5am, but apparently I wanted to change things up a bit.   Yeah, I realize I have a really busy day today, but you have seemed a little lonely, and I'm wide awake.

So how are you doing?

...wakeful insomnia sucks.
heart coffee

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There's been a rash of people removing me from their LJ friends lists lately, and... I'm honestly cool if it's one of those things that.. because I never post, etc.  But if I did something to offend or upset someone, I'd really appreciate a chance to make it right.

This isn't directed at any one person, I came back this afternoon to like 5 'removed from friends list' emails and I was just a little... surprised.