July 5th, 2012

heart coffee

Updates on my mother.

She was released from the hospital a bit over week.. week and a half ago and sent home. She lasted at home for 4 days before they had to move her to a Rehabilitation hospital because she couldn't move at home and was in excrutiating pain.

She was at the rehab hospital for 4 days before they sent her to the Emergency Room last night for fluids because she was dehydrated, was refusing food and constantly had the dry heaves. They did a CT scan because they were concerned about bowel blockages. When I speak with her, her speech is slurred and unintelligible. We're both frustrated with the inability to communicate, and she's taken to just shoving the phone at my father to act as a go-between.

My younger brother (who is a nurse) said that the infection has moved into the bolts holding her knee immobile, and that they are attempting to move up the date when those are removed. It was to be the end of July, he's hoping they can move it up a week.

He goes on to report that she's been on 3 antibiotics (although he only knew about vancomycin), and the infection is 'still bad'.

Right now I'm in limbo. I am having flashbacks of when my grandmother went into the hospital 6 years ago. The family kept the severity of her illness from me until they called to tell me she was dying. She was gone within 12 hours of that phone call.

My mother is 72 years old. She has been in poor health for a long time, and has spoken with pleasure of 'when it'll all be over and I can move on. Don't grieve for me' for the past several years. So I have the very real fear that she'll give up and let herself go.

I am now on standby, credit card in hand. Matthew (my brother) is supposed to report back to me this morning on her condition; he and his girlfriend (also a nurse) have been trying to keep tabs on her where my father could not. If she worsens, I will be catching the next flight to Louisiana.