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February 19th, 2012

Hello World!

With all the changes on Livejournal, and my general inactivity on the web for the past couple of years, we’ve decided to make some changes to the website.  We’ve ditched the idea of messing with Drupal, and have decided to try out WordPress, as I have been revealed to be a bit of a luddite, and I lack the mental agility to learn a new and complicated system like Drupal.

Overall, I’m pleased. I’m hoping to get this to port to Livejournal and Dreamwidth, have other nifty widgets here, and get all the art uploaded in one place.  That’s going to be a huge challenge, as right now it’s scattered across three harddrives and four computers. I have my work cut out for me.

I’m also rethinking what I want to blog about, and considering a whole new image for the website.  In the past, I’ve been predominantly an artist, and my goals have been oriented toward making money, building an audience, etc.  I over-reached, and hit a massive burnout.  My goals for this new beginning are much more simple.  We’ll see if I can keep them.

This week I will be talking about food, I am hoping to get a livestream session in, and I will be working on art.   Things over on the website are still dusty and likely to change; a very good friend pointed out I needed content more than I needed it to look pretty, and her advice has always stood me well.

As always, I appreciate everyone’s support.  You guys are incredible. <3



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