October 23rd, 2011

Bad Puppy

Gonna KILL the cat.

This morning, I found claw marks on our new leather sofa. Not from sharpening, but from leaping up on the sofa and digging in.

I realize we took a risk, getting leather while we have a clawed cat. But my fury right now is beyond that.

So. Felines of our household, take note.

Marcus- stop chasing Cailet. Cailet, turn around and SWIPE HIS NOSE, don't give him a chase, don't come running to me, BEAT HIS ASS. YOU HAVE CLAWS, HE DOESN'T.

I am seriously about to lock BOTH of you in a small room and not let you out til you can get along. I am FED UP with the bickering.

Oh- and don't think you'd have it easier with roho. Marcus, you are on ESPECIALLY thin ice with Daddy.

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