February 9th, 2011

heart coffee


So I should probably post an update. :)

It's day 3 of settling in, and the sea of boxes is slowly ebbing away, making this place feel more and more like home. I had a couple of bad days of panic; 'this furniture won't fit our space, zomg what will we do', 'the basement is freaking scary!' but... I really REALLY love our new neighborhood, and I am swiftly coming to love our little apartment.

We have some small space fung shui artists in the family, so while we may be getting rid of other furniture pieces and replacing them with things that fit better, in the long run, I see us being incredibly happy here.

Today I walked to Davis Square and wandered around a little, did a little grocery shopping, and tonight will cook our first meal in our new place. We've discovered some utterly AMAZING restaurants (Redbones, Mike's, and Flatbread).

This is my first time living in a city, and thusfar... it's really really great.