March 3rd, 2010

Kaylee squee

My husband's a keeper...!

So my birthday is Saturday. I'm sitting at the kitchen table watching Farscape on Netflix and working on a painting, and I keep... hearing something ringing. I thought it was my cell phone, did the quick mental checklist of 'would a bill collector be calling', etc. No. It keeps ringing, so I go get the phone (it's an old and crummy one, so the unfamiliar ring tone wasn't a cause for alarm). That wasn't it.

Asked roho if he left his cell phone at home, no. So the next time it rings, I start trying to track it. Our dining/living room has a piano bench next to the fireplace, where I stash my usb cables, my intuos tablet, misc computer and art supplies I don't want laying out. Nestled on top of them is a brand new iphone with Roho's number on the caller id.

Thank you so much, sweetheart. I think I shall squee now, and start getting it all set up. :D

(By the by, if you are not now using my Google Voice number for contacting me, this is a good time to change. The old number will stop working when my contract expires on Mar 13. Ping me if you need it.)
heart coffee

Is it Friday, yet?

Today's been... one of those days our mothers warned us about. I had the emotional high of being the delighted recipient of spousal love and creativity, then I went to class and... I'm not really quite sure what happened.

I've been... sensitive? I guess is the best way to put it, over the last few weeks. I horrified myself by crying in my VB Programming class last night (although I do assert that Visual Basic 6 would make anyone cry), and I came uncomfortably close to tears again today in my Bio Lab. (Worst. Labpartner. Ever.) I'm a bit concerned about all the boo-hooing and associated feelings of exhaustion and fragility that accompanies it.

Is this just... overload from my heavy class load this semester, or something more annoying and difficult to diagnose and/or deal with? I don't know. I also don't really know my purpose in posting this, unless it's solely to organize my thoughts and to give a generalized, "Hey, not feeling myself, if I burst out crying at you... it's nothing you said, really." heads up to my friends and family.

I decided I wanted to give up smoking for a few months. Please... don't harangue me about how it's a damaging and awful habit. I know, I'm aware. My allergies are getting bad again, and I've had a few asthma attacks this year already and I figured I'd give my lungs a hand for a change.

I didn't intend to sit down and write a depressing entry, sorry folks. I'll be my usual chirpy self again soon. I just have two more days of school to get through for the week.