August 20th, 2009

heart coffee

Daily Post - Thursday Edition

Quote of the Day:

"'Will' is what creates the energy and courage to create. 'Want,' by itself, just isn't enough." -- Nisandeh Neta

Art News:

I have new art to upload, just haven't had a chance to upload it. Will try to get that done today. :)

Current Projects:

I have some cleaning to do... tomorrow I go to a friend's place to help out with some of their house projects, and Saturday is the big moving day for other friends... our next few weeks are jam-packed!

Nifty things:

Privacy on Facebook -- Since a couple of friends just signed up for facebook for the first time, I thought this might be useful. (Link courtesy of haikujaguar)

Add a vintage look to your kindle -- I love my kindle. Love love love love love. roho has been known to mutter 'addict' at me when I pull it out, but for those that want something a little more subtle, these cases are available for $25 from Etsy. :)

Have a great day!