November 25th, 2006

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Okay! Some of the art from MFF is ready to post (some of the art I did in prep for MFF as well).

as it grows closer to the end of the year, I'll do the usual 'This is what I did this year' and hope it's not too depressing. ;)


Commission for Talin
Badge for Straif (Next time, I will get reference, I totally hosed the coloring)
Sketchbook for Rustitobuck
Sketchbook for Menkare
Trade with K'Sharra

Other unposted art:

Fielan, dirge of the Fae (unfinished)
Price list (unfinished)
Wah & Bat
Feren as Gordon Freeman
Rough badge for Feren

I'll go through and organize a bit more; there's more art I haven't scanned, and some I've never posted. Also, I will be scanning the other half of trades, and a glorious gift from Redkam. :)

EDIT: And if anyone has suggestions for scanning greyscale that DOESN'T end up with it looking grainy, I am all ears!