February 19th, 2004

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Grr. It's really frustrating to want to comment in a community... and not be able to because of the web proxy I have to go through while at work.

Oh well.
heart coffee

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Okay folks, I did a bit of early spring cleaning tonight, and have decided it's time to dejunk a little (So to speak).

I have the following looking for good homes:

2 pairs of size 32 jeans (1 blue, 1 black). Both were worn pretty heavily for 4 years, petite inseam. They're in great condition; rather faded, and the hem's a bit ragged, but such is the style these days. No holes or worn spots.

1 periwinkle crinkle top and skirt, size 32 skirt, 28 blouse. Matching set, the skirt is made for someone much taller than my measley 5'0" frame. Elastic waist, can provide pictures.

1 pair size 10 sneakers. Man made materials, a bit scuffed up, but not heavily worn.

The clothes weren't handled with kid gloves, so they aren't in stellar condition, but they're comfortably worn, rather than being ratty. (IE no stains or ugliness) I'd prefer giving them to friends, if no one's interested, they're going to Salvation Army.

I have a number of books to find homes for, the titles that I've gathered thusfar:

MCSE Training Guide - Windows 95 (with CDROM) - HARDCOVER
Zombies of the Gene Pool - Sharyn McCrumb
The Fire Rose - Mercedes Lackey
The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul - Douglas Adams
Lord of Chaos - Robert Jordan (poor condition)
Saint Peter's Wolf - Michael Cadnum (poor condition)
Prince of The Blood - Raymond E Feist
King's Dragon - Kate Elliott
Prince of Dogs - Kate Elliot (HARDCOVER… dust jacket in poor condition)
Riverwind the Plainsman - Dragonlance
Fires of Heaven - Robert Jordan
Skin Trade - Short Stories, Horror
Blood of the Fold - Terry Goodkind
The Dragonbone Chair - Tad Williams
Realms of Valor (Short Stories, Forgotten Realms)
Such Pain - WoD, Mage
Temple of Winds - Terry Goodkind

Paperbacks unless otherwise specified. They're in good condition unless otherwise noted. More books coming, I just have to sort through the bag holding them first. :P

If no one indicates interest, they go to the library. :)
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