December 13th, 2003

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Yes, I know I said I'd write last night and I didn't. Bad Genet. I'll be sure to get Roho to administer the appropriate punishment later.

Yesterday at work was... interesting. It was a light day, but as it's growing closer to the end of the month, the company is desperate to bring in the outstanding revenue, so the entire service department was being whipped into billing all outstanding invoices so they could be resolved by the end of the year. So we were busy. I also had to train a new hire towards the end of the evening. I'm... honestly not sure how she's going to turn out. She's really nice and listens to directions, but... she doesn't have much retention for instructions, and... her computer literacy is.... sad. My job requires people to be able to sift through a conversation and find the pertinent points and be coherent and concise with notes and directions. DM may be able to do that eventually, but... right now, I have to hold her hand and dictate what she types in after just listening to the conversation. Maybe I just have really high expectations of people. I've noticed that of myself- I'm very critical of everyone, including myself. Oh well.. I won't be working with her closely after she's trained, so I suppose it doesn't matter.

I got home late because traffic was... interesting... and I had to stop by the ATM on the way back from the gym, so I had to go a circular route. Bren and I skipped out to Bennigans for dinner, thinking we could get tasty leftovers for lunches/dinners today.. and.. damn. Bennigans chicken strips are... MmmMmmmmMmm. :9 Came home, and I stared at the computer screen, thinking about writing.. but ended up working on Lanakila's commission instead. I'm probably going to throw in a bunch of sketches in addition to the piece as a 'Thank you' for his patience. It's been a very very challenging piece both for subject matter and composition. I'm slowly becoming more and more comfortable with natural media- although I will be asking some of the wonderful artists that read this for suggestions and help tonight when I get home.

Work today has already been really aggravating.. but in a minor annoyance sort of way, not major problems. Mostly I'm just tired and ready for the day to be over so I can go home. I need to swing by the pet store and grab cat food, and think about what arrangements I'm going to make for Cai and Marcus while we're gone. I hesitate to ask friends to look in on them, as we're already imposing and getting people to drive us to and from Midway. I'm thinking while we're at the store tonight, I'll price the automatic feeders, and see if that would be a feasible option. I admit... part of the reason I'm looking forward to this trip so much is getting away from the cats. I know I'll miss them the moment I get on the plane, but... lately, they've been a royal pain in the ass, and it'll be nice to be able to sleep without WWIII erupting under the bed at 3 AM.

So.. relaxation is in the plans for tomorrow, Monday I'm taking my car in for servicing and cleaning up the apartment a bit, then I have 3 days of work, then Friday, we get on the plane and head south. Eep. :)

At some point this weekend we need to go have our Christmas cards printed and get them in the mail. Thank god Kinkos is 24 hours.

Rrrrg.. I *still* need to go pick up Roho's Christmas gift. I'll probably do that Monday, grab the remaining little things for my parents.. then try and figure out how we're going to transport all this on the plane. Yay.

ARGH... I just spoke with my folks, and evidently my dad "mistook" the package I sent containing his gift for a package he was expecting (Yeah Dad. A stock pot looks like a box hubcaps would come in. From Amazon. I believe you. Suuuure. And you found my diary by accident, too.).... the only good thing is, he thinks it's for my Mom... so.. Blerg. I hope he's not too disappointed. At least I do have a few things he doesn't know about and isn't expecting. My mom was able to guess that her gift is clothing from the packaging, but she has no idea what I bought (she did guess matching outfits. Dammit Mom!!!!)... and she doesn't expect the other little things I've picked up. I have a pair of earrings for her (they look exactly like the ones I wear, which she's coveted for years) as a stocking stuffer, and since my Dad's started Atkins, I'm bringing some of the Atkins and carbolite bars for a stocking stuffer for him. I've also got a little skin care kit from Bert's Bees that I'm going to give to them jointly to round out the gifts, as both suffer skin problems. I figure they can divvy it up. Dad also has a "Grinch" tie and socks, and since the stock pot is for him to cook beans in, I'm bringing a pound of whitebeans (his favorite), and a nice wooden spoon. I think my family is going to be set for gifts. I just hope my Dad doesn't start any nonsense about me spending more money on my mom than for him. :P ... (They have a tree!! A live tree! I miss that.. )

But.. yeah.. 5 days. 5 days til I'm on my home turf for the first time in 4 years. I'm terrified... excited... I go through periods where I'm so homesick it hurts.. then I think of all the fussing my mother will do, and I want to run in the other direction. ;)

So.. yeah. Christmas is both my favorite time of year and the most dreaded. I've fallen in love with Bren's family and Maine.. I love going there, but I miss my family too. I think we've agreed to alternate years on which family we spend the time with.. I kind of hope that eventually we can have all the family come to us, but.. we'll see. :) We'll have to have a home large enough to accomodate that many people, and that won't happen for a while. God I miss my parents. I think I'm gonna go now.. before my coworkers see me all snuffly and sentimental. .. I have an image to maintain, yaknow?
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