November 12th, 2003

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Leave the toothbrush at home. Seriously.

One of my (many) pet peeves is when someone unloads their purse at a public lavatory and begins performing acts of oral hygeine.

If your teeth are so filthy that you feel that you can't wait til you get home to brush them, perhaps you may want to consider altering your dietary habits. Or take up chewing gum. I sincerely doubt you can develop a cavity in the 8 hours you're at the office, unless you devour your weight in sugary foods, in which case you have larger concerns than your teeth.

This rant has been building a while. There is a woman in my office that, when she feels this urge to cleanse her mouth, proceeds to spread all her hygenic items all over the counter, and monopolizes the ONLY sink in the ladies room that has a soap dispenser. So.. if you have to wash your hands, you have to wait for 5 minutes for her to finish. This happens every. fucking. day. There are two (yes count them, two) other sinks with non functional soap dispensers that she could use. But no. Must inconvenience everyone.

I am particularly tired and grumpy today- I was forced to "crosstrain" on another batch of 12 clients to "help" another service team with their "overflow". One of the people on this team regularly takes naps at work, so I mightily resent the fact that I'm being called in to answer the calls he wont.. because he's snoring.

I'm also tired of well meaning people suggesting 'Why don't you contact your managers? The supervisors? The CEO?' The next person that suggests such a thing to me is going on my shit list. Permanently. Let's face it, folks. If you can squeeze more work out of one person, the money you don't have to pay for new employees goes right into the CEOs pockets. As for firing lazy and incompetent people.. they don't care.

Someone once warned me while I was working for ARC that the squeaky wheel is the one that gets fired. I never thought I'd agree with such a sentiment, but as time goes on, I'm beginning to realize that Corporate America is not about finding a perfect fit for your peg. It's about smashing square pegs into round holes, and if you don't fit, then you just aren't a team player, and they'll find someone else who will lick-shine the company shoe.

A friend confided in me yesterday (she works for a university in the registrar's office) that she's grown to hate her job so much she doesn't even try to be productive anymore, and how much she hates herself for doing that. I realized I'm in much the same boat. When I first came to work here, I busted my ass. I did overtime. I went the extra mile to make sure that the work got done, and got done well. Now... I'm burnt out. I don't give a damn anymore. I receive no recognition for my accomplishments and only demands for more. And since I was foolish enough to care in the first place, I'm the one that has to do the extra. I'm the one that gets the undesirable shifts. The one that has to help out other teams and deal with clients I have no training for.

I'm tired, and I'm trapped. A few months ago, I posted my findings about my education. The bottom line is, I can't afford it. I guess I could do what others have done, put up a 'I have breasts, give me money' thing, but... I do still have some modicum of pride.

I'm tired of being shit on. I'm tired of working in a position I hate. Just once in my life.. I'd like to have a job that I enjoyed. It wouldn't have to be something easy, or something that pays scads of money, just.. something I enjoy doing. I don't think that's too much to ask.
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heart coffee

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I'm feeling better, albeit still sore and cramped.

I never had menstral cramps til that stupid shot. *sigh*
At least it's THIS week and not NEXT week. Next week would suck.
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