January 2nd, 2003

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I opted not to go in to work this morning, as my head felt like it was stuffed full of concrete, and every breath had my chest muscles protesting in agony.

Following fennecly advice, I called around until I found a doctor that could squeeze me in (good LORD everyone was sick over the holidays!), and just might have found myself a good general practitioner. The guy had a great sense of humor and kept humming to himself during the examination. Quite cheerful and was very competent.

The verdict is that I have what he called 'viral bronchitis'. The cough seems to be mostly due to my sinuses taking a dump down into my lungs. Soo.. I got a baggie full of allegra to dry out my sinuses and a prescription for a nice unhappy looking bottle of cough syrup. I hate cough syrup. *sigh*

I have my marching orders to take it easy today.. that the meds will make me very sleepy, and I should be able to haul my sorry behind to work tomorrow. (Well. I don't have much choice.. I need money.) I was advised that the cough may continue for a few weeks, but if I have fever or the congestion remains, to call the doc.

My game plan for right now is to curl up with a dvd, perhaps nap a bit, and try to ignore the huge mess in the kitchen that needs to be cleaned.