December 4th, 2002

heart coffee

Be careful what you wish for..

Some might remember feren's posts about stupidity being painful as he recounted his experiences with a hot pizza pan. Well, it was painful twice, fer.

Monday morning, I was rushing through chores, trying to get them done before I had to leave for work. As I was loading the dishwasher, I noticed that the cap that is supposed to go over the detergent wouldn't budge- it was stuck. I kept pushing at it until it gave... tearing a large chunk out of my finger in the process. It then wouldn't lock. At that point, I gave up and went to work.

I realized last night that it was stuck because the last cycle hadn't completed. It was still in the "dry" phase. Doh.

Monday night, one of my wisdom teeth started sending little waves of agony through my mouth every time I swallowed, touched my teeth together, or even moved my head. So with the combination of tooth and finger, sleeping has been sporadic. I feel rather groggy and not all together here.

Yesterday, I managed to find some gifts to give roho for Christmas. They aren't... spectacular, but.. I do think he'll like them.

Lately I've been noticing people saying things that could be taken more than one way, and this has... bothered me somewhat.

Due to past experiences, I can't help but try and read deeper meanings into casual comments. I know this is a problem for me, so I try to take things at face value.

So if I have done something that bothers someone, and you've made little sarcastic or snarky remarks about it, I'm not going to get the hint. I care a lot about my friends, and it would really bother me if I had offended or annoyed someone and they let it fester rather than coming to me about the problem. I don't like headgames.

In other news, work continues to suck the rust off a bumper... I keep consoling myself with the thought that I only have 2.5 more weeks til vacation, and once I get back from that I can start seriously looking for a new job. Just need to hang in there til then.

And now, since I am really tired... going to try and nap at my desk. g'nite.
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heart coffee

Exactly one year ago today...

Around 3pm in the afternoon, I met Brendan face to face for the first time.

I still remember that frightened, giddy feeling bouncing around my stomach when he opened the door and smiled at me.

I still get giddy when he smiles...
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