July 14th, 2002

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Yesterday did in fact get better. I did a piece of giftart for Feren which promptly broke his brain when he got here. Earlier in the day, we trooped over to Sam's, where I picked up a really good deal on photo paper for prints, along with a trip to Michaels for tortillons and white ink. While we were there, I saw a package of 25 paintbrushes of mixed quality for $10, and promptly snatched it up. I still have a rather extensive collection of oils, and after we move, I definately want to take up painting again.

Came home and awaited panther... during which time I furiously scribbled and coloured. Inspiration has been sporadic of late, but I had a good time doing the piece. I want to get more involved with coloured pencil work, but... I think I might be going about it the wrong way... there's always large places of empty space I feel like I have to colour in, and markers and pencils... eh.. maybe I just need more practice.

We had BD's Mongolian BBQ for dinner... then came home, flopped, and started watching Apocalypse Now. I really enjoyed the movie... although there were several parts where I only had a very dim grasp of what was going on. We had the redux version which... included one particularly odd scene where everyone spoke in accents that were extremely difficult to understand. I'll probably watch it again with the subtitles on before we return it to Blockbuster.

Panther eventually headed home, and we crashed. I had.. very very odd dreams that I don't remember.. just that they had something to do with wars. I think they were mixed in somewhat with dreams of Civ.

Annnnyway. Today has been nice and relaxed... we're getting a lot of work done on the website, although I think I might try and entice Roho to go out shopping with me later. I want to pick up some kitty shampoo for Stinky (aka Cailet), and I need to pick up the fixin's for mosticcioli for dinner (I know I slaughtered the spelling. :P) as well as a corkscrew and a cap for the bottle of wine we're going to open.

It definately has the makings of a good day. We had a few rough spots yesterday, but panthervisit seems to have worked its magic in getting us both relaxed and helping to disperse the tension of the week, which is good. I hate starting out a new week after a rough weekend.

And now, I believe I am going to go fix us both something to eat. :)
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We had a really good day.

Wandered around petsmart for a while, picked up a brush for cai, and some sort of powder shampoo that's supposed to make her smell better. We put her up on the kitchen counter, brushed her out really good, then applied the powder and brushed that in. I swear that we brushed enough hair off that cat to make another cat. Roho took a couple of pictures to finish off his roll of film, so as soon as those are developed, we'll post 'em somewhere.

My dad sent me s'more pictures that they took on their trip, including this picture.. which I'm not sure why they sent. That's my younger brother, Matt, by the way. I must say, he's cleaned up to look pretty good. I'll have to see if I can get any of his... younger... pictures. :>

Anyways. I think the longer more dull update of my day will have to wait until tomorrow.

It's nightnight time for good (and bad) kitties.

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