June 26th, 2002

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I just lost a huge journal entry because the power surged and my computer shut off.

I think I might consider putting my computer on a UPS. This is beyond aggravating.

I don't really feel like typing all that again. Not right now.
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Okay, take II

I was about 3/4 of the way finished with a rather long entry when the power burped and poof. There it all went.

Hiding this behind a cut, since it's rather long.

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heart coffee

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Another one of those really slow, draggy days.

I hate those.

As usual, the office is cold, even though I have a fairly heavy fleece sweater and a jacket on.

*sigh* Today is NH's last day at work, so there is a.. festive.. yet sad air about. It wouldn't bother me so much, but.. it seems that everyone in the office is congregating around her desk to whine about how much she'll be missed, yadda yadda.. all our techs keep calling in to ask to speak to her, and.. bleh.

She's basking in the attention and being obnoxiously perky. (I was at the point of throwing something at her for all the chirpy cheerleader attitude)

for all that I resent the fact that all this fuss is being kicked up over her, I am sorry to see her go. It means that we're even more shorthanded, since our new person is... not up to par.

RB is nice and all, but.. she takes a lot of breaks without checking the call queue, she takes LONG breaks, and... just seems rather irresponsible. She does have a very open friendly nature though.. which makes it easy to like her.

It seems so much later in the week than wednesday.. and GOD I can't wait for the week to be over with.. I so desperately need this weekend to unwind. Then only 3 days of work next week, then nice, long weekend. Purr.

I did manage to take a look at my finances this morning before I left for work, and they aren't as bad as I was afraid they'd be. I spent $20 more budgetwise than I wanted to, but... it was worth it. :)

I did find out what happened to my check to Barksdale FCU... they cashed the sucker, and accepted the payment I made to the collection agency they sent after me as well, effectively paying them twice. I was really concerned about this, since with that money missing out of my account, I had two checks that were outstanding, and one of them wasn't gonna clear. :P Well, evidently, my bank missed that, and cleared them both without charging me, for which I am *eternally* grateful. (My direct deposit hits my account at midnight)

Sooo.. a couple of phone calls yesterday, and another today, and a refund check is in the mail for the additional amount I paid. Dealing with Barksdale was a pleasure- the customer service agents were helpful and apologetic, unlike TCF, where they couldn't care less about your problem.

I am waiting til tomorrow to see how bad my check was (I could figure it out today, but. eh. i'm lazy), then tweak my budgeting to get it back in line after all the medical expenses.

I suppose I should get back to work now. *yawn*

Is it 9pm yet?
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