June 9th, 2002

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Weekend report

Well... the week (finally) ended. Friday night was a wash. I was tired and crabby, so the quality time with roho didn't happen like I wanted it to. I just couldn't get myself into the mood to be romantic and cuddly.

Saturday, we tootled around running errands. I mailed off this random insurance check the Secretary of State had sent (Random, my ass. I bet everyone that's ever gotten a ticket for no proof of insurance in the vehicle got one), just to be sure it arrived within the 30 day requirement. Yes, I am paranoid about having my liscense revoked.

After that, we got dressed and puttered about town... we had a ton of stuff that we wanted to donate to Salvation Army, so toodled up to Gurnee only to find that the depot there was full. Sooo.. we scooted over to SAMs and did some grocery shopping... walked out with a lot more than I expected us to spend, but we're set for food for the next two to three weeks. After that we went to Cub Foods (they have proven to have a more reliable selection and cheaper prices than Jewel, so we figure we'll give them our business. Besides that, there's no stupid 'loyalty' cards. That alone won me over) and picked up the things we couldn't get at Sam's... Quaker rice cakes (mmm. chocolate), some tonic water, and a few other odds and ends for the homemade veggie soup I like to make.

After that, feren graced us with his presence, ostensibly to pick up his sun system we were storing and to show Bren the new MFF art show database, but really, I think, it was to help us lower the level of Bombay in the freezer. ;)

A relaxing evening was had by all, I think. We watched Robocop and Harry Potter (which Feren had never seen) and munched on pasta primavera and garlic cheese bread, cooked by Roho. Mmm. Ladies, there is nothing on earth like a man that can cook. Much gin and beer was consumed, and we all crashed around 11:30pm.

This morning was rather lazy and late.. Got up.. had some yogurt for breakfast while Bren fiddled with the Sun system.. then as Feren showed signs of life, plodded into the kitchen to start cleaning up the damage from the night before. About the time I finished that, it was time to start preparing lunch, so I threw together some fajitas, and the guys enjoyed Zim goodness while I read a book.

I managed to get some work done on my commission... it's going to be a fun one, and I think that if the purchaser doesn't like one of the ideas I had, I'm going to go ahead and finish it as a seperate piece... I just liked the way it turned out.

Anyway... that is my weekend in a nutshell. We still need to zip over to the library to replenish my book supply... I was going to check out the Harry Potter books and read those, but as I understand it, they aren't very large... and I go through books extremely fast as it is. Since the library we patronize has a restriction of 4 books per patron (we're out of it's service area), I believe I am going to go ahead and start rereading Jean Auel's Earth's Children series, in preparation for getting my paws on her latest book, Shelters of Stone. I also want to see if they have any Diana Gabaldon... as she recently released a 5th book, and I'd love to be able to borrow it from the library rather than shucking out the $30 for a hardback copy.

After the library, Bren is going to drop me off to babysit our laundry.. we decided it was time to go ahead and wash sheets and comforter... just to get the cat hair off if nothing else, and so, a visit to the laundromat is in order. I simply cannot wait for September. I am going to love that new apartment. Ohhh yes.

Lastly, we've been discussing weighty topics like where we want to settle down on a permanent basis. I believe we're both agreed that we want to move closer to Bren's parents, so we're looking at properties and houses in the Maine area. We won't be moving for another 5-6 years, but it's kind of fun to take a look and get an idea of prices and taxes for different areas. www.realtor.com is your friend. :>

I've also made the decision that I'm not going to go back to school until after the move. This way, I can concentrate on getting my truck paid off early, and... other more important things. I think that as soon as I have the clunker paid off, I'm going to go ahead and start saving for the car I want. I'll have the next two years to decide.

And now.. I think it's time for me to go get dressed, as the fennec is sitting neatly groomed and ready to go.
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