May 17th, 2002

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What is heaven?

going to your favorite store and finding the things you want on sale.

I figured I'd spare Bren the horror that is shopping for clothes with a woman and zipped out this morning to Walmart and payless. Ended up with socks, other necessities and two new pairs of shoes. The running shoes I needed for excercising in, since none of the shoes I had were properly supportive for high impact excercise. The sandals... well.. The sandals called my name. Unfortunately, the right one seems to be either bigger than the left one, or.. my right foot is smaller than my left one. Like half a size smaller.

This needs investigation and perhaps an exchange.

In other news... someone seems to have broken off their key in the front door of our apartment. This means that on the rare occasions the door is CLOSED (ie the past two times I've tried to come home- we have one of those outer doors that leads to an inner hallway of apartments), I have to either buzz a neighbor to let me in or trudge around to the back of the building. grumble.

I hope they fix that soon.

Today will be good! Ohhh yess...
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