genet (enveri) wrote,

Well, we're home. We had a good time, and as usual, I did some of my best work when I have no chance of getting a scan of it.

For those that I did sketchbooks/badges, if you read this journal, can you pretty pretty please send me a scan? Danke!

In other news, I need to start ramping up for MFF. I realized that I don't suck at painting nearly as much as I thought (as paints were all I brought with me), so I'm going to start working on more stuff. Unfortunately, I lost my tube of crimson somewhere, so I'll need to order a new one. I'm out of white anyway, so it's a good time to use my Blick gift certificate.

I'll be starting school again next month, and I'm excited about that. Hopefully my teachers will be less stupid than the one I had last time.
Tags: artwork, cons, school
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