genet (enveri) wrote,

Well.  That's that.

I enrolled in the local community college for a transfer degree. 

Missed the first class because I had just been diagnosed with flu.  2nd class, I was locked out of the classroom.

I went tonight and was told by the professor that since I had missed 4+ hours of lecture (2 classes) and all of the labwork, that it really wasn't worth his time to get me caught up.  That he locked his classroom immediately when the class was scheduled to start, and it was my fault for not being there on time (I was. I even went to the registration desk to make sure I had the room right).

So... I had to drop the class.  Because he was going to fail me out of it anyway.  I have never in my life been treated so poorly, especially by someone whose job it was to teach.  I'm going to look at my other options, but it's too late to start anything this semester.  

Disheartened isn't the word.
Tags: school

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