genet (enveri) wrote,

I need new userpics. Suggestions?

I had an awesome weekend... nice, relaxing, even productive!

Before the weekend hit, I got a message from someone I hadn't spoken with in a long time... we had (as it turned out) a misunderstanding, each thinking that the other wanted to be left alone. I'm ecstatic to have my friend back. I really missed him.

I got to make Brendan blush. It was awesome.

My plans for this evening... relaxing, I think. Getting a bit of exercise in, then some more relaxing. I have some paypal stuff I need to do later this week when my paycheck hits, and a bit of work for AFA to finish, but that's really all that's on my plate for this week (other than the obvious day job thing). 'kinda nice. :)

I need more weekends like this.
Tags: icons, weekends

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