genet (enveri) wrote,

Well. Last Friday, my office told me to go home and hand in my badge. So.. I've been home all week, relaxing and tidying up in anticipation of skorzy and was1's visit. I got a little time to paint yesterday and this morning, working on shadowstalkerw's pirate commission. (Tom, I screwed up on the coloring job on your last two icons, trying to decide whether it's salvagable or if I should just redo those two.)

I have one other commission pending, and another I need to read/reply to the email. Whew! I have a few pieces for MFF I want to work on as well, I'm hoping that in this enforced free time I can get some originals done. Gouache isn't such a difficult medium for me any more, and I have some lovely illio board and gessoboard to play with.

Even if it turns out like crap.. it's a learning experience. Right?


Anyhoo. Going to put my feet up and read a novel for a bit while things dry. :)
Tags: artwork, work

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