genet (enveri) wrote,

Commission Status

Well! I got off my backside in regards to the commissions (I still have one original for sale. C'mon folks, I'll throw in a little something special! Help pay my bills. ;) ), and got my backlog moving a bit.

- points : DONE!
- duncandahusky : Partially done, still have the two to finish, will work on them tomorrow, as tonight was spent job hunting.
- moryssa : Sketch approved, printed, need to do a bit of fine tuning, then will begin to paint! Hopefully done before the end of the week.
- shadowstalkerw : Sketch approved, printed, just needs to be painted. Bwaha. It's gonna be fun.

I know a few other people were interested in the 5x7 portraits. They're going to be $25 each folks. You can see the piece I did for Points as an example of what you'll get. (Although I promise.. the hair will be better. Yegods)

Thanks for all the support guys. I wouldn't be sane without you.

--- OH! One last thing. Website domain will be changing. I finally decided to use something a little... easier to remember. Watch this space for updates. :>
Tags: artwork

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