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I just read the most... disgusting hate mongering I've ever seen on Livejournal. I'm sorry, gen that it invaded your life. For what it's worth, I really do admire and respect you and prestor_scott for standing firm for your beliefs. Oh, and zilvar? You continue to be my hero.

Y'know what folks. Everyone is different. Everyone is individual. Most of my friends don't realize that I fit the 'fundie' label. I grew up Mormon, and I still hold alot of the beliefs that my parents taught me. I still consider myself Christian. I still consider myself conservative. Does this mean that I hate gays, that I support Bush, that I support discrimination of any sort? Of course not. I'm me. I've seen a lot of my more religious friends take a lot of flack and hate for their beliefs, and.... just wow. This is really depressing.

I have some very very good friends that are lesbians/homosexual. I love them no less because of their choices. Their lives are just that; their lives. Ditto for their beliefs. None of them have made any effort to impose their choices on me. All they've asked is that I treat them with respect. And since that's all I ask of my own friends, I could hardly deny them that. I have no right to walk up to someone and tell them that they've sinned, that they are going to hell, that they are wrong. You have no right to tell me that I'm a bigot, a hatemonger, or that I'm personally responsible for anything the United States President decides to do in the name of Christianity.

I'm not really sure where I want to go with this post. I guess I really just want everyone to stop a minute and think about the people they know in these nameless groups- your neighbors, your friends.. before you start painting the broad strokes of discrimination. I wanted people to know that yeah. I'm one of Them. I felt it was time that I stood up and said 'Hey. This is what I believe. Please don't talk about me like that.'

We've all got to get through this thing called life together, folks. There are much bigger things than who a person goes to bed with at night going on in the world... in the universe.

Just... try to keep that in mind this holiday season, mm?
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