genet (enveri) wrote,

I knew when I heard GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE YOU MOTHERFUCKER!! screamed up from the basement last night (I was upstairs in my office), that it would be an interesting evening.

Note to cat: Daddy has a long fuse. Now you've seen him explode. I don't think you want to repeat that experience.

Also, I believe we need to install some sort of walkie-talkie or intercom system down to the basement. Because I couldn't hear Bren until he screamed so loud his voice was cracking.

The cat is still with the living (for now), although there was some talk of locking him in one of the escapements for the night, or possibly tying him down on the driveway so we could run over him a few times. :P

EDITED: And for some odd reason, Semagic bjorked up the html. Fixed.
Tags: humor, pets

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