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All's quiet on the work front right now, and since that won't last, I thought I'd go ahead and get an LJ entry up.

Both of us were expecting this weekend to be The Weekend of Productivitiy. We had a plan. We were going to pack. We were going to get things done. We were going to conquer our clutter.

Friday night we lazed on the couch and watched tv, because both of us were too pooped from the work week to do anything. We figured we still had all of Saturday and Sunday. Saturday morning, loose plans were made with Feren for lunch, then Neowolf was asked to join us. Yay, social time! The food was, as always, scrumptious. We're excited about a rumor we've heard of our favorite manager coming back to the BDs store we frequent. It sounds like he's gonna be stuffed into the Naperville store temporarily (boo! hiss!), then moved back to Vernon Hills. The place just wasn't the same without him.

Anyway.. after lunch, we had plans of going back up to the new place to see if our action items had been taken care of. While Points was visiting, we had found that someone had torn down one whole section of our back yard fence. The seller promised to get that taken care of.

They did, but.. they did a shitty job of it. They didn't even attempt to get the fence posts lined up. But! It's a fence, and it'll work til we have the money to rip the whole thing out and do it right. Our realtor gave us the code to get in (which we had tried the previous week, just none of us knew how to operate the key-holder doothingy), so we went to check on the other "action" items. The air conditioner seemed to be working; it was a balmy 75 degrees downstairs, something considerably warmer upstairs. I'm not sure yet if we're going to need to do more with that AC.. I put it down to 60, and there wasn't much air coming out of the vents. I think we'll probably have Bren's Dad take a look at that when they get here next month. Or hell, drag MY dad up to look at it, since that's pretty much what he did for 30 years. The non-operational sump pump was completely replaced, as was our utility sink. We tested the sink to make sure it was no longer leaking, since that was the original problem. I was a little peeved to see that they hadn't cleaned the place like they said they were going to; there's still children's toys scattered around the back yard, and the area under the deck is a veritable treasure trove of trash. There's also a large pile of crap laying in the garage. It's not a big deal for us to drag it out for the garbage collectors, but one would think they could at least vacuum the place. We found, too that the pantry door is off it's hinge, which it wasn't before. I think it'll be more convenient for moving in to leave it off for now- as getting things into the basement is going to be interesting, to say the least.

But everything looks good. Our final walkthrough is tomorrow. We checked to make sure that the wasp problem was taken care of... it was. There was still some nests hanging from the eaves, and I think there is a nest in one of the drainspouts, but we can take care of those some night with some RAID, if the occupants aren't already dead.

While we were poking around, our neighbor that has the other half of the duplex drove up in some vintage looking car. I was impressed and ready to strike up a conversation and say hi, but the guy didn't even look in our direction (we were standing in the driveway examining our mailbox)... not very friendly, I guess. Oh well. His loss.

After we had satisfied ourselves that there was nothing else we could do to the place right then, we puttered up over the border to a neat little pub we found. It was right down the road from the original home we wanted to buy, and we were impressed by the food and waitstaff. So, we've been back 3 times now. This time, we actually met the owner and spent 4 hours or so talking to him. He has a day job at Abbott, which had Bren exclaiming about it being such a small world. We really liked the guy, and he seemed to take to us. So I think we have a new haunt for boozing. It's within staggering distance of the house, which is even better.

We finally started to totter home after Bren and Fer had drank their fill of their respective beer choices. We stopped at a cheap little Italian restraunt (I LOVE this place) for really good pasta to go, then came home and dealt with some Furfest business. Feren finally made his escape (and I forgot to give him his books, dammit) after we loaded him down with stuff... food we didn't want, pots, pans, some things he'd left when he moved out.. Anything we thought we could get him to take, we offered. ;)

By then, it was after 9 PM, which was too late to really start packing. So, we put it off til Sunday.

Sunday was a little rough for me. I was having panic attacks and feeling alot of anxiety about the house and moving. I ended up crying on Bren for a while, then curled up for a nap. The nap didn't really help; it was one of those where you don't feel any better, and if anything, you feel worse, when you get up... but I managed to pull myself together. We puttered about and did some halfhearted organization and packing... then went out and grabbed dinner from Portillos before the MFF Staff meeting. I was being VERY bitchy behind the scenes at the meeting, and I apologize to everyone that put up with my snarking. Raw nerves = bitchkitty.

Anyway.. after the meeting, we putzed around some more. I think Bren is the only one that did any actual packing this weekend.. I was too much a raw bundle of nerves to do much of anything.

Yesterday, work actually didn't suck. I was, as usual, overloaded with work, but I decided that some of it simply wouldn't get done, and anyone that had a problem with that could kiss my ass. It worked well. :) A comment was made to me from my supervisor right before I left that I didn't take well, so by the time I got home, I had lots of angry energy to burn. LOTS of packing got done last night. We took out a couple of loads of trash, did nearly all the laundry, and packed 90% of the kitchen. We're running out of places to stash the boxes. We got ALOT done last night. I felt good and productive. I am a domestic goddess! RAR!

Right around 6 PM, we decided to get up and go mattress shopping. We had originally planned on buying a bed from Sams Club, because a) it's cheap and b) we thought it would be easy. We've been sleeping on our futon for nearly 3 years now, and as nice as the mattress is... it's not as comfortable as it once was. We'd discussed alot whether we wanted a king or a queen, had originally decided on a queen, then decided to go ahead and spend the extra for a king. We figure that with the two of us and three pets (we're planning on getting a dog), a queen just wouldn't be large enough, and to promote harmony in the home, a bigger bed was in order. Oh darn. Twist my arm.

So we poked around online. The least expensive king sized mattress from Sams club was $800. Ouch. It was a Serta, but it didn't look very sturdy or comfortable from the photos. We decided to go shop around actual stores where we could lay down on the beds before making any purchases, and Rooms 4 Kids in Arlington Heights was the first place we went. Y'see, Rooms 4 Kids used to be located up in Vernon Hills. Brendan bought both of our futons from them. They moved to Arlington Heights when the landlord up in Vernon Hills decided he liked an empty store rather than a good paying customer. We had gone in about... 6 months ago, 7 months ago to look at the selection and eyeball futon covers, as ours are a bit old. Well, the owner remembered us, which was quite gratifying. We looked at the mattresses he had available, he mostly deals in Sealy. The king sized mattress sets started at $1200. Owwwie. The owner asked us what our price range was, and we told him honestly that we didn't want to spend more than $1000. We crunched some numbers with him, and since we were repeat customers, we got the mattress set we really liked (king sized), a bedframe, delivery and all for $1000 on the dot. He gave us a 20% discount on the mattress set and threw in free delivery and a bed frame... and didn't charge us sales tax. If anyone is in the market for a bed or a futon, go to Rooms 4 Kids. Seriously. Go talk to Kevin, he's the owner. He'll remember you, and he's not a pressure salesman. He'll be honest with you, and if he can cut you a deal, he will. He's a really sweet guy, you won't regret dealing with him. Tell him that Lydia and Brendan sent you.

So anyway, it'll probably be next week or the week after that our new bed gets delivered, which we're honestly okay with. If we had gone in yesterday morning, we could have had it this weekend, but with moving in and everything, this weekend is going to be waaay hectic.

Yeah. We're excited. Bren is frizzing out and getting frazzled, which is an unusual state for him. Poor baby. I wish I could do more to take some of the stress off of him, but unfortunately since everything's going in his name, there's not much I can do. I am trying to make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible with our moving crew though. At least I can herd people. :)

We're discussing various scenerios for getting problem items over to the new place. I'm worried about transporting Snark, our ball python. I don't want to run the risk of her getting dropped or jostled in the truck, and I think the cars will be pretty full with boxes. So we'll probably bring her up on Friday sometime and tuck her safely out of the way. The cats will cope, I've borrowed an extra carrier from a friend, so we can move them both at once. I know Marcus will immediately settle in just fine... Cailet will take a few weeks to quit slinking around and being frightened. We'll probably have to lock her in the bedroom with us at night, otherwise she'll wander around howling.

sigh.. work has been teh suck lately. I thought once I got off the project I was working on that things would smooth out and go back to normal. Ha. I should have known better. Instead I get to be the 'transient' helper... anyone else that drops the ball and doesn't get their shit done gets to dump it on me. In addition to my other duties. I am really beginning to hate this company with an all burning passion. I'm trying to reach my 5 year anniversary because of the perks I get, but... geez. I don't know if I can do it.

But, I don't want to end this entry on such a hate-filled note.

So.. I just need to remember. We close (and start to move in) tomorrow. EEK!

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