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One piece is 80% complete. And it's... gasp.. COLOR. And it has a background! I'm finding it a little frustrating to get a good solid swatch of color from colored pencils without making it look flat. I think I may try acrylic/watercolor next time.

I've got vague ideas for my next piece, as this one's a gift and not for sale. I know I want to do something snakey, because snakes aren't done nearly enough, and they're really pretty. Hopefully I can get Snark to pose for some photos for me. ;)

Hopefully too there are enough herp fans that I can sell it. :P

Yesterday we went to see Bourne Supremecy. It was... good. I haven't read the book yet, but I noticed that there were some discrepancies from the first book, Bourne Identity. I haven't seen the movie for Bourne Identity yet.. so I'm sure they took some artistic liscense and changed a few things.

Either way, very good flick, don't expect religious adherance to the novel. I really liked some of the cinematography; at first I found it jumbled and confusing, then I sat back and just... watched instead of trying to figure out what was going on, and it really drew me into the action. Very nice.

We had dinner from Baja Fresh and watched a Discovery special on Imhotep for a while before the art bug called me back to work. I love watching stuff like that. I find ancient Egyptian history utterly fascinating. And I thought it was really neat that they think that Imotep may have been performing modern medical procedures long before Hippocrates. Of course, they suspect that the Aztecs and other South American peoples may have been doing similar, so... who knows? It's fun though.

Tonight (I think) is a thing on the true identity of Christopher Columbus. So don't expect to reach me during that 2 hour time period. I'm gonna be in front of the tv. ;)

This afternoon, we're gonna mosey up to Antioch for no particular reason. We were up in Salem earlier in the week, and we really like the area. So we're gonna do a bit of exploring. We'll pass on hellos for you if we see your family, Jim. ;)

Today really promises to be a relaxing day, and God knows, I really need one. The past few weeks feel as if we haven't stopped moving, and the rest of the coming week doesn't look much better. (Bren, remind me to call Rob and tell him that we're doing Renfaire on Saturday, and to email Glenn and Joe about... the concern we had.)

So anyway. Enough gab. I have a fennec to cuddle and art to complete.

Later folks!

(and by the way. Those that haven't listened to Carbon Leaf, GO. NOW. They have samples of alot of their music available for free download on their website. If they are touring in your area, GO. I'll refund your ticket price if you don't like 'em.)


Aug. 1st, 2004 05:54 pm (UTC)
A famous Egyptologist was doing some research a few years back on what kinds of medicinals the ancient Egyptians used by taking some tissue samples from mummies. One of the things she found was traces of Cocaine, from the Coca plant, a South American only thing. Since the established convention is that The Egyptians, or anyone else, never made it across the sea, this Egyptologist was black-balled for her study. She did not plant the evidence and asked several labs to recheck her samples, all coming back with the same things.

There's all sorts of things in Egyptology that are hidden and covered. What I find fascinating is the stuff that isn't mainstream. Like, they had contraception that worked. :) They used honey on wounds (honey has natural anti-biotic properties) and all sorts of cool stuff. I subscribe to KMT, which is a journal for amateur egyptology. Fascinating stuff!

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