genet (enveri) wrote,

Lessee. Mid year accomplishments.

Well... I finished a website, and with roho's help, got a really kickass back end installed.

I drew 122 pictures, 3 of which I actually finished.

I've read several books.

I've begun to expand my mind and explore my spirituality.

I paid off the last of my debts from my marriage.

I've put several old negative memories to their final rest.

I've developed a network of friends and a social life outside of the fandom.

I made several new friends, and grown closer to some of the old.

I tried Middle Eastern cuisine for the first time.

I met my best friend in person for the first time. (<3 gypsypet! [We've been friends since 1999, met online, and have been close ever since])

I've grown closer than I ever thought possible to my beloved. My relationship is solid as an oak and as flexible as a willow.

And most importantly....

For probably the first time in my entire life, I am happy. I think that's a pretty damned major accomplishment.

Oh yes, and I have new art up.

Spots Illustrated Home
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