genet (enveri) wrote,

I just want to clarify my last entry.

Friends aren't really what's stressing me out. My job is stressing me out. There's a lot going on there right now, with deeper political currents that I really don't want to get caught up in.

On top of that, we have the trip, and two other fairly major events that I can't talk about yet. They're all good- but for someone like me, there's a lot of associated anxiety.

Digging stuff up from the past isn't a bad thing- old wounds have to be reopened sometimes so they can heal properly.

So yeah. I'm okay. :) Art is actually not something that's been stressing me. I did a stunning bookmark as a gift for Zephyr (still working on it!), finished Lanakila's commission in a way that I am VERY pleased with, and have enough time to do another painting (maybe) before the con.

I've also been fiddling around with other styles, taking what works for me and integrating it into my own way of doing things. I have a really cute piece of that I need to scan...

I think I've given up on the idea of doing any sort of sales at AC. I don't want to stress out about getting up and getting down to Artist's Alley, and especially since I don't have any sort of prints available, it's just gonna be better for me to veg and harass friends. (And yes, Kevin, this means you. So nyeah.)

Lots of wonderful opportunities are happening this year, they're just... stressful. :)

So yeah. If I seem quiet online, I am fine! Honest! I'm just recharging in a quiet kinda way. :)

You're not allowed to worry. Nuh uh!
Tags: artwork, stress, travel

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