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It's been an interesting weekend thusfar.

Friday night, Lori popped in and we went down to Goose Island Brewery in Wrigleyville for a bit of dinner and beer. We went to Andersonville by way of Evanston (This is the last time I follow directions Joe gives me) and finally arrived around 8:30.

We met up with our gaming buddy Joe and his girlfriend, loved on their pets for a while (Both of them were very people friendly), then walked over to the nearest train station so we could grab a lift to the Addison station. Another thing I will keep in mind in the future when dealing with Joe, is that he has no sense of distance. When he says something is 'just down the street', he really means it's about 6 blocks away. :P My poor back and knees were screaming by the time we reached the station, aggravated, I'm sure, by the poor choice of footwear I had on. (I didn't know I was going to need walking shoes; I was lead to believe they lived a block from the station) Soo.. we get to the station, and find that we don't have proper change to buy a ticket. Oh goody. We end up overbuying our ticket and just giving the remainder to Joe, since he uses the Metra all the time for work.

Then we walked. And walked. And walked... I had never been to the Goose Island in Wrigleyville, so I had no idea how far it was. It honestly wasn't bad- just across from Wrigley Field. I was dreading the walk BACK, but it wasn't bad! So we putter in and are told it'll be about 30 minutes. Okay, it's around 9:30 now, fine. We're hungry, but we can wait. We curl up at the bar with beers (Mmm. Honkers Ale) and make small talk for a while... then realize wow, it's 10:30, and we're still not seated. Hmm.

We ended up getting seated around 10:45 because the restraunt was about to throw out someone to make room for us. Geez. Okay, next time, we'll go to the restraunt on Clybourn. It's bigger, and has easier parking. And it's not as loud. :P The food was, of course, delicious, when it arrived. Much booze and food were consumed with lots of laughter and good company. I think Joe's girlfriend Carrie was a bit lost at some of the inside jokes, but we tried really hard to make her feel welcome and comfortable. I hope she had a good time.

We finished our meal and noted the time... then decided it was time to head home, since I was getting up early the next morning. About that time, we noticed that the heavens had opened and it was pouring with great flashes of lightning. Greeeat. The decision was quickly made to hail a cab. We found one, and the three women scrambled into the back while Roho snagged the front seat. About that time, we realized there was no room for Joe. I suggested he climb in on someone's lap, so he dove over me and flopped over the three of us in the back seat, getting us all soaked in the process (Which lead to some dirty jokes later).

We arrived back at their apartment in a matter of minutes, paid the cabbie and scurried to the shelter of their lobby. We chatted a bit, then said our goodbyes and headed home. Bren dozed most of the way while Lori and I discussed gaming and various other topics. She was pretty well buzzed, and I was tired. It was a great evening. We got home sometime after 1 AM and went promptly to bed.

Saturday, I had originally intended on getting up at 7:30 to take my friend Dave to the doctor's office. Due to the late hour I got to sleep, I moved it back to 8. I was supposed to be in Kenosha for 9, but I figured if I was a little late, it wouldn't be a problem. Hopped up at 8, showered and got on the road by 8:30... I pulled into Dave's at 9:02. And I didn't speed any more than I normally do. Score!

So, I picked up Dave, he showed me some pictures he'd taken that he just got back in- some stuff he'd bought at Gencon a few years ago, and discussed some roleplay projects he's got going. We popped over to Walgreens so he could pick up a prescription, then tootled down to Waukegan so he could meet with the doctor. An hour and 45 minutes later, he was done. It took the doc an hour and a half to even see him. After the doctor's visit was done (I was reading The DaVinci Code, which I had picked up on Wednesday), we headed to BD's for some lunch. We met Roho there and dined on stirfry goodness, then headed up to Gurnee to pick up Lori for gaming.

We putzed around in Kenosha a bit more, then headed over to Glen's for our gaming session. Things were slow to start because few of us had actually created our characters beforehand, as we were going to play D20 that night. I had a pretty spiffy concept and name for my character, but that was about it. :P

We had a rather slow first campaign, I don't think Gina (our DM for the evening) was expecting things to be as difficult for us as they were. It was a good intro to the team, however, and we managed to all survive. I look forward to playing more.

We got Lori drunk. She drank the majority of a 64oz growler of beer by herself, then was drinking some really strong rum-and-cokes that Dave was mixing for her. She was quite nicely happy by the time we got ready to head home, and it was a lot of fun watching her let her hair down. (And in case she ever reads this, no Lori. You did nothing that would embarass yourself, you were just really giggly.)

Soo.. I went BACK to Kenosha to take Dave home- We ended up staying a few minutes while he played a sample of some Ramones music (I had no idea that I actually knew their music), and chatted a minute or so, then headed home. I got home somewhere between 12:30 and 1 AM, and felt badly for waking Roho up when I crawled into bed.

All in all, it was a really fun, if long, day. I got to meet drgn_ldy's new girlfriend, who was... really cool. I hope she didn't feel totally weirded out by us, but she seemed like she fit in well. She was geeking science with Lori and martial arts with Dave, and laughing at my jokes, and was very comfortable in getting my attention to ask questions. I hope to see more of her, especially since she makes drgn_ldy so very very happy. :)

So.. today has been quiet. I took a shower, edited the Artist's Alley rules formatting a little bit and emailed them to takaza for the meeting this afternoon, ate some breakfast, and spent some time with my fennec. Right now we're playing Civilization III Play the World alot together using the Multiplayer function, and both of us are severely disappointed with the way the computer plays 'Gang up on the Sentients' and bends the rules for the computer civilizations. It's really getting a bit frustrating, but it's fun to have a game we can play together that we can get up and leave if we need to.

Loose plans are being made for Summerfest, Irish Fest, and the Renfaire with friends, it looks like our summer is going to be quite busy with social engagements. This is... a really big change for us, and while I'm not complaining in the least, I am looking forward to having things calm down a bit. Our vacation is a little more than 3 weeks away. Eep!
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