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I hate to start off the morning like this, but..

I'm trimming my 'friends' list a little bit, and I don't want the people trimmed to wonder why. I fully support your right to express your views. I even agree with you on quite a few things. But lately... I'm just not up for reading several political posts a day. I still respect you a great deal and think you're wonderful people, and I hope you won't think less of me for this. When things are more calm and you go back to your old posting habits, I'll gladly re-add you.

On other notes.. a few of you have the unfortunate habit of posting large images without the use of cut tags. ;) I love seeing your photographs, but when I'm at work, reading livejournal is done in quick snatches, and having a large image pop up on my screen is just begging for someone to walk by and ask what I'm doing instead of working. ;)

I really don't want to come across as a shallow person. I've grown quite close to some of you out there, and I think of you as good friends and confidantes. The last thing I would want to do is hurt any of you or seem like I'm criticizing your posting habits. I'm overjoyed to see that LiveJournal is being used as it was meant to be; a forum for your thoughts and a medium for each of you to express yourselves in ways that best suit your personalities.

For the new readers I have picked up, please do not be offended if I don't immediately add you back. I am often pressed for time when reading (see above), and thusly, I try to make sure that the journals I read are ones I find engaging and interesting. I also prefer to get to know someone before offering them access into my more private life. If you're someone that I know elsewhere online, a short note or email letting me know who you are would be greatly appreciated. :)

Lastly, an art update! I have some new sketches to scan; some I'm happy with, others I'm not. I'm still figuring out the watercolors, and I think I have enough of a handle on them to finally (!) finish lanakila's commission. (About darn time, too!) I hope to have it done by the end of the month, Lana, and I hope to be able to do some sketches and pencil pieces to send you as well as a thank you for your patience. You've been a wonderful customer!

I am looking for husky reference pictures, so if anyone stumbles across good facial/body shots of those gorgeous dogs, please shoot me an email or page #mail with a link. I've done several sketches for duncandahusky's livejournal icons and I still haven't found anything I'm happy with, even though he seemed to like them. ;)

And, finally, I have my commission FAQ and pricelist updated. I will be doing sketchbooks in Artist's Alley at Anthrocon (if I can get myself up in the morning to get down there) probably JUST on Saturday at discounted rates. So if you'll be at the convention and want original Genet art for a good price, be sure to find me! I will have a full listing of the prices I'll be charging up on my website soon. I will not have prints available for sale, but I will have bookmarks, and possibly original art. I will not be in the Art Show, as I didn't think I'd have anything finished in time, so you will have to find me in the Alley. My next convention appearance will be Midwest Furfest in November; but I'm on staff there, and thus will be unavailable for large periods of time. Anthrocon is probably your best bet for landing a commission. EEEE! That's NEXT MONTH!! ACK!!

As always, I welcome commission inquiries. I have a few more things I need to put up on the FAQ, and a bit of tweaking to do with the website. My next major project will be building a portfolio of original artwork to present to potential clients to showcase my skills, and building up the front end of Spots to look a little more... diverse.

Have a great day, folks!

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