genet (enveri) wrote,

It's been an interesting few weeks.

We've had guests galore, and we're heading to Wiscon next weekend. I'm really looking forward to being able to take a breather in June.

On Friday, we attended the first local Movie Night, which, incidentally, we had no hand in starting up. It was vampire night, and we watched Bram Stoker's Dracula and Interview with the Vampire. Both are most excellent movies, and the discussion they prompted was very much enjoyed. We got home very late to the rumblings of thunder and crashed hard.

Saturday morning, we slept way too late, futzed around together for a while, then went up to BDs for lunch. Delicious stirfry was partaken of, then we scooted over to Gamer's Paradise so I could pick up some dice. Much as I love that store, I think I'll start looking around online for my figurine/dice needs. I can get things in bulk from Ebay that are much cheaper (even after paying shipping), and Hawthorne Mall no sense makey.

We got home and I assembled snacks for my night at gaming- several slices of cojack cheese, and a couple of advantage bars. I stopped at Jewel on the way up in the hopes that I could obtain a pepperoni stick- a 12" stick of pepperoni that's done up much like a summer sausage. Tends to be a lot more flavorful and spicey than the precut kind. Alas, my search was in vain, as Jewel likes to move things around all the time. I settled for a round of gouda and some diet coke.

Scooped up Lori and tootled up to Bristol, where we arrived just before the rains started. I must say that sitting in Glen's kitchen with the rain pouring down in the trees behind you is a very pleasant way to watch a storm. When Mike and Dave finally arrived, we found that Mike had left my characters at home. Doh. Okay, so we went over to Glen's computer and used some sort of D&D software to reroll Fielan. I must say I rather like her stats better now. I was quite pleased.

The game was fun and challenging. (See drgn_ldy's journal. She'll likely have a report up soon) We asked our DM a couple of times if he was trying to kill off the entire party. With some well timed spells and some really nice bow-work (by yours truly... although the fighters helped. Ahem), we overcame the bad guys and ended up with a slew of Exp that I'm sure we'll be updated with via email sometime this week.

Before we left, the storms hit in earnest, and rain was gushing down in torrents. I ran out to the car and was soaked to the skin before I could take two steps. The route we would usually take back to Gurnee was flooded, so we had to take an alternate route. About 5 minutes after turning onto Hwy 50, lightning struck about 10 feet away from the car. I mean, it hit the ground 10 feet away. Both Lori and myself screamed, and I was all the way back to Gurnee before I stopped shaking.

The worst of the storm seemed to be centered on the Bristol/Kenosha area, but I was very very glad to get home last night. Went to bed, and woke up late again this morning.

Eating leftover stirfry for lunch, and plan to do absolutely nothing today. :)
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