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My entry last night was more tongue in cheek than anything else, hence the 'amused' for mood.

For those that are wondering, I was pointed to fm_status when tugrik originally reported the outage. He had been very clear with what the problem was, and some idiot posted 'So what do you think it is?'. Well. I couldn't resist replying to that comment with something mocking. It's not a very nice thing to mock someone that is clearly intellectually inferior, or at least doesn't have as high a level of reading comprehension. Hence my entry.

It turned into a really fun icon-war with feren, amichele2, and a few sallies from roho; if anyone wishes to view the carnage, please do so before Saturday. I will be deleting quite a few of the icons, as they aren't my usual style, and some of them are decidedly Not Work Friendly.

Thanks to those that did take me seriously- reassurance of my inherent goodness of nature are always nice, even if the person giving them is more gracious than they should be. I'm not as kind to my fellow man as I should, I'm still a work in progress, as it were.

And now, since I've procrastinated long enough, I go back to work!



May. 13th, 2004 09:26 am (UTC)
I would ask: why isn't it nice to mock someone like that?

Personally, the bad reps and fates of 'nice guys' is directly related to the stereotype that nice guys never say anything negative. They always are helpful and courteous and happy and willing to give...

I'm usually labeled a nice guy.

I will gladly tell someone something negative about them. I won't always help someone, I'll be frank and to-the point instead of courteous, I'll get upset and angry, and I know better than to give more than I can.

Frankly, sometimes it *is* nice to smack someone upside the head. What's not nice is when you always smack someone upside the head, even when it's not necessary. Sometimes, it's not nice to give in, to give that special attention, to be all courteous and sympathetic. Sometimes, that just feeds the problem, and the nice thing to do is to lay it out that someone needs to change the way they're doing things cause they're being an idiot. What's not nice is when you're always harsh, always abrasive, even when it's not necessary.

Um... did that make sense?

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