genet (enveri) wrote,

I wish I had something worthwhile to update with. I suppose it's a good thing that I don't.

Work continues to putter along. Several friends are having various problems with love, spiritual matters, ailments of the soul. I wish I could help them. Listening to their stories and their heartaches makes me ache in sympathy. I cringe when I think of how vicious we are to each other; when we deny basic compassion and understanding.

I have been working alot on repairing the nicks and cracks in my own psyche, and have come a long way. I had thought about writing it all here, but now.. I find I want to keep it private, hidden... personal.

I've had several ideas for artwork and writing, I just need to sit down and get them done. I'm hoping to stop in at an art supply store this weekend, as I want to try a few new techniques. I also am working to come up with a slogan or catchprase for my website; it's part of an advertising campaign I'd like to do to get website traffic and get my name out there. (If anyone wants to suggest anything, I'm all ears. I'll be giving a nice gift to whomever comes up with the phrase I like best) I finally feel as if I've reached a good skill level for basic anatomy and composition, and my next experiments will be developing my skills in color. We'll see how it goes.

I finished sketchbook #4, and started #5. I probably should buy a few more. I found the smaller book incredibly handy for carting around to work and various places. Oh.. and I am plotting to get a watercolor set. Mmmm. Yum. I will not have artwork for sale at AC. I may -possibly- be doing sketchbooks in Artist's Alley. I doubt it, since I don't want to deal with the PA vendor liscense, but I MIGHT.

I might also do up some originals and put them up on Furbid. And offer them as prints, although my printmaking capabilities are nil right now, unless I want to go to Kinkos (and for some reason, that never seems to work for me, besides being horribly expensive, the prints are never the quality I see coming from other artists). I also need to rethink website design, as the current layout does not lend itself easily to expansion or changes.

Anyway. Yes, please comment with any suggestions for slogans. I may need to rethink my domain name, as well- as my current one is fun and silly, and that's not really the ideal I want my website to have; I'd like it to be more along the lines of serious fantasy... artwork, stories, a place of whimsy and exploration. I've been going through alot of spiritual and emotional growth lately, and have begun to make a transformation into a more adult outlook on life and in my art. I'd like my "public" self to reflect that.

And now, back to work. After all, I'm not paid to write... yet.

- Spots Illustrated
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