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We just got home from a very long, but very fun weekend. We hit Feren's place late yesterday afternoon with the plan to get dinner and go bowling with Duncan, Takaza, Linnaeus, Datahawk, and various others. We arrived to find Dunc, Taki, and Mirko already arrived and socializing. Linnaeus and Data arrived shortly thereafter, and Data and I discovered some very interesting personal facts about each other. We also discovered that when we get together, the conversation dives down to new depths of gutterness. It was very fun.

We all trooped over to Chili's and grabbed some dinner, then trucked back to Feren's to grab various items, then caravaned up to the bowling alley in Wheaton. Big surprise, the furries picked a place called 'Fox Bowl' to have a LAFF party. Yay. This is my enthused face. I didn't particularly want to shuck out $12 to play two games, so we escaped to the bar and sampled more tasty beverages while I sketched. I was quite surprised to find that black lights do really cool things to my Canson sketchbooks. The evening was really a lot of fun; good company, good booze, excellent time. We thought about going home after the party, but there was talk of Brunch the next morning before the MFF Staff Meeting, so we headed back down to Jason's and staked out a spot on his 'dining' room floor.

Sleeping on the floor was, in fact, surprisingly comfortable. For anyone else that must grab floorspace, I highly recommend it. The carpet in there is extremely thick plush, so it was like an extra layer of padding. Very nice. My only problem was that we didn't have spare clothing, since we didn't plan on staying the night. So Bren borrowed some of Fer's shorts and a tee shirt, I borrowed one of Taki's tees, and we did laundry. :>

I will now keep an overnight bag for both of us in the car along with our air mattress whenever we go to Feren's on a Saturday. :P

So, we experienced Ra's, 'OMG ARE YOU SLEEPING?!?!!!!!111?!?!!!!!' routine this morning. It surprisingly wasn't bad. We pretty much slept so soundly we didn't hear Neuracnu (I'm sorry hon, I know I butchered that) come in around 3 AM (we went to bed at 2:30), and when Ra started going off at 6:30, we kinda shrugged, rolled over, and went back to sleep. My only complaint about our entire sleeping arrangements was the pillows. Poor Feren, he really was NOT expecting to have two more guests (we had a grand total of 7 people in his house last night), and we ended up taking the decorative pillows off his bed for us to sleep on. This wouldn't have been a problem, except that his comforter set is one of those really kind of slippery satiny fabrics. If I had been awake enough, I'd have taken off the sham and been fine. Instead, I drunkenly kept trying to hold onto a pillow that felt like it had been greased. ;)

Brunch was okay- Great company, Great Food, really shitty service. We went to Ikea afterwards to see an exhibition of service dogs, then browsed the store. I walked out with two totes and a new waterbowl for the cats (Total bill, $7. I LOVE that store), then we had the meeting. I hope we never try to cram that many people into that small a room EVER again. EVAH.

So after all the budgeting was discussed (Taki, I will go ahead and get in touch with the appropriate channels and find out if I actually do need to buy anything for my department), we went back to Fer's and chatted for a while. Dinner was obtained at Culvers, and we had the cheese curds of doom. This is the second weekend in a row I've eaten really heavily, both on calories and finances, and while it was fun, I'm kind of glad to go back to eating light. It was getting really bloody expensive.

We saw Neu off to home, since he was heading back to Missouri, and waddled back to Fer's to watch B5. I love B5. It screws me up whatgood in the emotional department, but.. JMS is just.. a very brilliant man. <3

We watched part of the first episode of Firefly with Taki and Duncan before the clock forced us to head home. It is now nearly 11, and both cats are giving us betrayed looks for not coming home last night between brainfires and rubbing against our legs.

Time for bed.

G'nite. :)
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