genet (enveri) wrote,

feren, ashryn, and arphalia headed south about an hour ago, and my only thought was, Damn today went by fast.

The company was most excellent. I was honestly sorry to see them leave. I got some great sketches done while watching TV, two completed pieces and one more in progress. I'll scan and upload them later this week. Roho had done some killer coding and debugging for me yesterday, so when I have a bit more content gathered, the website will go live.

I was very sorry to hear in my email today that our gaming group's host has lost his cat. I think one of us may have inadvertantly let the cat out, and as Glenn put it, Boomer won't last long outdoors. So... please send positive energy and prayers that Boomer will be returned home safely. I know Glenn is really torn up about it, and... well.. he is a really really sweet kitty.

G'nite folks.
Tags: social

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