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I'm really happy to see everyone's responses to the art postings. Thank you guys!

Yesterday was pretty low-key. We were having gaming at someone else's home (We evidently usually have it there when he's available, as his house is HUGE), and I wasn't really sure how to get there. I arrived late, but still before our GM, so had some time to socialize. It was fun, I fleshed out my D&D character a bit more (Since she was a NPC before I joined the group, I gave her selective amnesia so that I'd fit into the party better... her whole reason for staying with them is so she can find clues to her past).

I rolled pretty lousy for most of the evening, and found that yes, Survival is pretty integral for an elven Ranger, and I really need to spend my next few levels worth of points on raising it. The group teasingly decided that my lapses in judgement for campsites were due to my memory loss (I first put us in a depression where we got soaked from a flash flood, then I put us on an old gnoll burial ground.). I can see where I'm already developing a trend with the character, and... I'm not that upset about it. She's pretty vanilla, and I have a hard time roleplaying; this will add depth.

I did a little sketching while we were playing, but mostly had to pay attention, as our D&D campaigns are usually pretty combat heavy. That, and since I'm our only ranger, I usually get stuck with point... and have to make a lot of spot rolls. Yay. ;)

Anyway- we broke late, so I found myself on a tiny little county road in Bristol at 11:30 at night. My nightvision is really poor, especially when I'm tired, so I wasn't going as fast as I would have been if I was fresh and it was daylight. I wasn't prepared for what happened- A large truck came up behind me and spent.. maybe a mile driving normally, then evidently tired of it and ran right up on my bumper (I was afraid he was going to hit me) and started flashing his brights at me, staying right on my ass. The experience terrified me.. I rolled up all the windows and locked the doors, as I had to stop at a stop sign before I could turn on to the interstate. Once I was back on the tollway, things were smooth sailing, but I was still shaky by the time I got home 45 minutes later.

Slept fairly well.. although I woke up a few times to find Cailet nestled between Bren and I. She usually doesn't get to sleep there, as she has a bad tendency to poke me with her claws. Marcus was a fine alarm clock this morning and made sure I was awake.

We're gonna go get lunch at BDs with Fer, then run some errands and come back for the MFF Staff meeting.

In the meantime... art!

Genet at Christmas - When we were packing for our Christmas trip, the cats wouldn't stay out of the suitcases. I was tired and grumpy. ;)
Genet again... to commemorate the first really cold weather we got for the winter.
Queen, Unnamed - I blame haikujaguar for this one.

Have a great day folks!

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