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Okay, I figured it was time for an entry of substance.

Things have been going okay; last night some things were said to me that flipped the proverbial lightswitch in my head, and I'm hoping that some underlying problems I've been experiencing will be resolved by this new approach. (How's that for nice and uninformatively ambiguous?)

Work has, as I've mentioned before, been exceedingly boring of late, so I started working on other projects. I've gotten my requisite journal entry in (the Other Journal), I've written the first draft of Rules and Regs for my department for MFF... And um.. hrm. I did go ahead and decide on a layout for my website that I've been meaning to unveil for... a really really long time. It should be really really neat if I can get everything working.

I don't have a terrible lot planned for the rest of this week. Saturday, I have D&D, Sunday, we have a MFF meeting (online).. I think we'll probably do lunch with feren as usual. I really need to go to Meijer and get a new pair of runaround canvas sneakers, I may do that Saturday morning. We'll see. Tonight is probably more of the same thing we've done every evening; vegging on the couch and watching TV. I may try and get website stuff working.

I need to...
- Write Rules & Regs for Artist's Alley - Done!
- Write Procedural Handbook for Artist's Alley
- Sweep and mop floors at home
- Vacuum and dust
- Clean the kitchen
- Request vacation time for April (out of town guests coming) - Done!
- Do my taxes
- Do backend for my website
- Update AFA's Website
- Design information pamphlets for AFA
- Order business cards
- Get new shoes
- Return things to Target, JMS, and Wal-Mart
- Return book to Gamer's Edge (if they'll take it.. and planning on doing this on Sunday, if that's okay with you, feren and roho..)
- Buy more dice (hoping that if Gamer's Edge won't give me a straight out refund, that they'll give me store credit.)
- Mail off CD to K.A.R.E.
- Mail off jeans to terriekitten
- Draw another picture in feren's 'Gin' sketchbook.
- Scan and upload the scads of art tarinfirepelt keeps pestering me for.
- Finish lanakila's commission and sketch lots of extras to send him as a 'Thank You' for being wonderfully patient.
- Work on duncandahusky's LJ icons. (I actually have a sketch to send you! Gasp!)
- Register for Anthrocon
- Redo my budget
- Draw, draw, draw!

Okay! I think... that's it. Like I don't have enough, eh? I'd like to bring dinner for my gaming group some night, but I don't think it's going to be this week. Besides that, I need to quiz them on allergies and so forth. I'm such a dork. I'm a fairly happy dork though, and I suppose that's what really counts. I'm rather excited about next month; my best friend from online that I've known forever is going to fly out for the weekend on April 15th. We met in EverQuest in 1999 and have been close friends ever since, even though I don't play anymore. She's the only friend I made from that game that lasted outside of that environment, and I treasure her friendship. Ironically, she lives in my ex husband's home town. If only I had known her when I was there for Christmas of 98! That trip would have been sooo much more bearable if I had had a friend to visit with.. Anyway.. She's flying in on the 15th, and is leaving on the 18th, so I'll be scarce that entire weekend. Her birthday is the weekend before (the 11th), so I'll probably try and find something neat for her to take back with her. Yay, friends!

It seems there's something to be look forward to every month from here on out- Regan is coming next month, in May, I get a holiday from work (Memorial Day), June... well.. it's summer! What more do you need? July is AC and a trip to Maine, August is (hopefully) house hunting, September is (hopefully) moving, October is Bren's birthday, November is Thanksgiving (mmm. :9) and MFF, December is Christmas. Interspersed in there is visits with friends, Irish Fest, Summerfest, the Renfaire... I do think that fall is by far my favorite time of year, but summer is a close second. I feel so full of energy just thinking about it!

We start doing reviews at work next week; I'm a little nervous, but mostly because I've never had a review before. I know I'm not in any danger of disciplinary action.. if I was, I'd have heard about it long before now. I'd ideally like an 'exceeds expectations' on everything, but realistically, I'll probably get 'meets expectations' overall. And ya know, that's okay with me. We have a meeting on the 7th that I'm unfortunately going to have to skip- that's where I'm supposed to be awarded my medal for staying a year. Which reminds me of something else.. daf666, when you applied for a job, you did put me down as a referral, right?

Life is pretty darn tootin good right now. My sympathies go out to everyone that's having trouble, because I was in your shoes yesterday. I still need to make one more doctor's appointment, then I'm done til June, when I have a followup with the doc I saw last week. A friend that's been on the same medication I am suggested that perhaps my digestive problems were caused because I wasn't taking the medicine with food. I took her advice and started taking it immediately after eating, and viola! No acid reflux. This makes me a really happy camper.

So yeah, like I said before, I really don't have anything to complain about. Other than not having nearly as much money as I'd like, which I probably could fix by cranking out art and putting it up on Furbid... I'm just not desperate enough yet. :)

I'm also hoping to do some nice abstract art for our home once we buy it. I'm thinking something similar to Rothko's works; just color and abstract patterns in oils on canvas. Mmmm. Purr. I can't wait. :9

Okay, that's enough fluff for now. Have a great day guys. :)

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