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I suppose I should write something today, as I AM still trying to stick with my resolution to write daily. Yesterday was a good day; feren came up and we went to BDs for lunch, enjoying tasty stirfry before stopping in to do some shopping. Bren had done some of it already, but I wanted to grab the fixins for Fajitas, my favorite low-cal diet staple. We hit Sam's and picked up other necessities, then came home to watch 3 episodes of B5, season 4. I love the series, I love the characters.. it just.. really Wows me. I know that season 5 is going to be lackluster, but I am glad that I can finally sit down and watch the entire series from start to finish if I so choose.

After B5, the guys played around on the PS2 while I read The Bourne Identity. I haven't seen the movie, and this is the first Ludlum book I've ever read. As I told Bren last night, it's one mindfuck after another. I'm about 3/4 of the way through the book, and I still don't know how it's going to turn out. I'm really really enjoying it, and I am going to enjoy seeing the movie after finishing the book. I'll definately be picking up more of Ludlum's works, if this is any indicator of his writing style.

Fer finally headed home and we spent the evening vegging on the couch. Food Network was doing a special on pizza, and it was mildly interesting to see the International Pizza Making Competition, but nothing really grabbed me as exceptionally interesting. We chatted a little with friends online, but mostly our haunts are quiet these days, with everyone online while they do other things. Or at least.. I'm usually doing other things. I was very pleased to see that Feren liked his sketchbook images; I managed to scan them before he carted one of the books off. He came up with an idea at lunch for another piece, which I promised to try and put onto paper. Hopefully my muse is still around... I've noticed that I'm doing pretty well with rough sketches, it's just finished works and color that are eluding me. (Dalia, I have a birthday image for you that I need to scan) Ahh well. Perhaps my gaming group will provide some inspiration.

I've been rather quiet and reflective of late.. both in person and online. I feel like I'm changing, and I'm still not sure what changes are going to be made, or what my life will be like once the transition is complete. I had the conversation with Bren last week that I've realized some pretty... painful... things about myself and I'm working to fix them. I may be holding folks at arm's length til I find my new comfort zones, I hope no one is offended by this. And if you are... well.. tough. :P

Today at work's been pretty quiet. This morning was rather busy, but the things to do petered out as the afternoon wore on. As it is, unless our techs get busy tonight, I'm not going to have squat to do tomorrow. Oh well. Heading out in 30 minutes.

Oh.. and one last thing... Folks, PLEASE use cut tags. I hate to do this, but I will start removing people that put large images in their journals with no cut tags. Sorry. :/


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