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Well, yesterday was interesting. I got up early to go and get my car serviced- one of the rear tires continually was going flat, and it needed an oil change. I showed up at the dealer's at 0830 and waited... and waited... and waited... at 1030 they come out to tell me that they don't have my tire in stock, and that it'll have to be ordered, but I'd have to pay for it now. Uh.. nuh uh. So.. I left and went to NTB, where again, they didn't have my tire in stock, but they had an alternative of another brand. I had no desire to drive on my donut (did I mention the dealer put on the donut, rather than letting me just air up the old one?) $214 later, I walked out with a new tire and road hazard insurance on all 4. I can't believe a Mazda Protege has such rare and expensive tires. NTB had me in and out in 30 minutes, which was such a huge change from my dealership.. it was amazing.

Came home and vegged with Brendan for a while... We had had pizza for dinner Friday night, which triggered an acid reflux reaction. All day yesterday my stomach was having problems, which made things really interesting.

Anyway.. grabbed a bagel for lunch and tootled up to Gurnee to meet Lori for gaming. I noted with amusement that the house next to hers was up for rent... I don't think being her neighbor would work too well, but it was fun to speculate for a moment or two. When I got there, I was informed that Joe (another member of the group) had just bought a convertible and wanted to drive up to show off the car. Beautiful day, convertible? Oh yes, twist my arm.

So we all hopped in the car and headed up to Kenosha. We had the top down and at a redlight just over the Wisconsin border were discussing our Vampire characters rather loudly. The conversation went something like this: (Joe's character is a blood bound ghoul Mage.. bound to Lori's character)

Joe: Well, I could service you, but you wouldn't get much out of it.
Me: Well, she could bite you.. then you'd both enjoy.
Lori: Ooh! True! I can bite you!

At this point, the light turned green, and the car next to us drove off very speedily with horrified expressions on their faces. We got a huge kick out of it.

Gaming was fun.. Our Vampire game tends to be more about politics and intrigue than combat, which I rather like. I really like my character concept; I think I'll have a lot of fun with it. Turns out that one of our gamers is on staff for the local Renfaire. We got some really good horror stories of idiocy of Faire goers, and she offered to get us in for free this year.

We gamed from around 4pm to just after 10, with a couple of breaks. I laughed so hard my stomach hurt. I love my group so much. :) Dave kept putting stuffed animals in compromising positions (He is a Malkavian with a small army of ghoul vampire ducks) and there's a running gag with Lori where she's always the first one to ask about dinner.. so a notecard with 'I'm hungry' kept appearing in the snacks and in various places in her papers, courtesy of Joe and Dave.

I'm really really glad I decided to go for the gaming, I think getting out and having some fun is definately going to be good for me.

I got home shortly after 11 to find that Bren had spent the day cleaning. The apartment looks GREAT. I don't know what I did to deserve such a wonderful boyfriend, but I'm glad I did it! We went to bed, then slept in late this morning. My stomach is still having issues, but not nearly as severe as it was yesterday morning. The plan for the day is BDs, then some B5 goodness. Jason just informed us that Season 5 is out, which makes me a very very happy kitty.


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