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Ug. I am tired. I had yesterday off to take care of various medical errands. In retrospect, I almost wish I had taken today off instead... I've been dragging all damned day. Tonight, I go pick up my prescription and wince over how much this is costing me. I have a $250 deductible, and unfortunately this particular doctor doesn't accept credit cards, so I have to file all my FSA paperwork manually. But she also doesn't seem to provide receipts, and I keep forgetting to ask for them. I may just bite the bullet and save my FSA for new contacts and glasses. Something to think about.

I decided to go ahead and stop Atkins for the time being. I've noticed a rather insidious and nasty pattern of self destruction, and while I'm trying to work on that, there's no point in spinning my wheels and undoing all the good I'm trying to accomplish. Hopefully once things are at a better place in my head, I can pick up where I left off and have more success. In the meantime, doing the low calorie thing, eating as little sugar as possible, ect ect. The bonus to this is, we can go out to eat a bit more cheaply, although I do want to continue our tradition of going to BD's once a week. That place has just.. become a staple in our diet.

Right now, I really want a nap. Ahh well.. 45 minutes, and I can go home and take one.

After seeing haikujaguar's entry about her notetaking, I actually started doodling more on my notepads at work. Some of what's come out went straight into the garbage can, but some of it... really had merit. I still see tons of faults in it, but it's been interesting to see progression. Mostly, I've been drawing human faces; thanks to my gaming group, I have a real interest in drawing non-furry. Not to mention, if a coworker sees it, I have a lot less explaining to do. I have found just how weak my anatomy is. Attempts to duplicate the smooth effortless lines of the artist's I admire have resulted in some really crappy anatomy. Maybe I can take a class this fall or something.. Life drawing would be fun. Still life sucks. (Yes, I know you have to draw the boring stuff before you can move up to the more interesting. Lemme alone) Speaking of drawing, I have two pristine sketchbooks at home that I must... ahem... deflower. feren got a sweet deal on them at Borders, and I'm going to enjoy being the first artist to smudge up their pages. Although, now that I think about it, being the first artist that people flip to is going to be kinda scary. Maybe I should draw something in the middle of the book... yeaah...

I need to get out of the house and go somewhere pretty and take pictures. That ruined barn comes to mind. Unfortunately Chicagoland weather has been most uncooperative of late, dumping snow on us for the past few days, despite the fact that Sunday is the first day of Spring. Hmmm. Maybe go take photos anyway... it might be pretty with the snow falling down.. put in monochrome or sepia.. Hmmmm. :> Speaking of which, I get a $50 gift certificate from my company as a celebratory Thank You for staying a year. I'll be getting the certificate on April 7th, and I'm pondering spending it on a bigger storage card for my camera. I'm also debating a shopping spree on Amazon. Decisions, decisions...

I am sooo very glad tomorrow is Friday. TGIF!!!

The plan for tonight is to go pick up medication, stagger home and perhaps get a nap. Sustenance of some sort is also desired. Tomorrow (or tonight, if I feel up to it), the creation of my Vampire, the Masquerade character for Saturday's gaming session. I probably should call and see if I can exchange that book. If I can't, then it'll probably go up on Ebay if no one locally wants it. Another temptation for my gift certificate is to go ahead and pick up my own copy of the corebook for D&D 3.5. I have 3.0, thanks to Bren, but our group plays the latest version, and it seems like it would be handy not to have to borrow someone else's book every time I need to look something up. Enh, we'll see.

I can really see myself getting into roleplaying geekery. EverQuest was always what I wanted in a RL Roleplaying group, just more convenient. I wrote several fanfics while I was playing, and I really look forward to flexing the creative muscles and writing background stories to my RP characters with the new group. I'm already getting a good idea of who my Vampire character will be... and while my D&D character hasn't spoken up yet (She's probably a little overwhelmed at the conversion from NPC to PC), I'm fairly certain she will eventually (... in other words, once I have a better handle on the history of the current adventure).

Did I mention that I'm tired? *stifles yawns*

Anyway... I'm looking forward to having something to geek about. It's been a really long time since I had a hobby (And sorry folks, I don't consider drawing to be a hobby.. not for me. I dunno what it is, but it's not hobby-ish), and.. yeah. I miss having something to obsess over and get really excited about. Well.. something SAFE to get excited about. :P

Bren and I discussed the home purchase thing again, and... well, things aren't looking so hot on my end. Medical expenses and other things keep popping up, so I'm not able to put as much into savings as I'd like. I think we're just going to have to sit down and talk to his credit union's mortgage department and see what they think. His CU strikes me as very very good, so they should be able to give us a good feel both for whether we can go ahead and look for a home seriously, and/or how much of a downpayment we should be aiming for if we end up renewing the lease. We've looked alot around our area, and I think moving back to the suburb we lived in before may be our best bet. Prices are lower there, being back in Lake County will mean higher taxes, but it'll also mean that I'm in district for the community college. That, and our commutes will both be nice. We're still thinking about places a little farther north as well... there are two new developments with townhomes in our price range that I would like to check out.

Plans for this weekend (I am very easily distracted) include taking my car in for service Saturday morning. I have a tire that keeps going flat on me, and it is waaay overdue for an oil change. Since it's a new car, I really feel like I need to keep up on the maintenance, and I get a free oil change, so may as well use it! If that doesn't take up my entire morning, I have a bunch of things I need to return to various stores, and a few items that I need to mail out. I promised a couple of pairs of jeans to someone, I need to send out a cd, and I need to return some clothing I'd bought from a catalog that just... doesn't fit. (nothing like having a slip work its way up around your waist every time you wear it).

Saturday afternoon/evening, I'll wend my way up to Kenosha for gaming, likely have my ass handed to me in combat, get nicely toasty then stagger home. Sunday will be laid back, perhaps some housework, lunch with Feren, B5 goodness, then maybe a nap to recharge the batteries for Monday.

I lead such a boring life, I swear.

Anyways.. closing this now. I'll probably go ahead and upload Tuesday's entry as well, just backdate it so folks aren't spammed.


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