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Argh. Is it only Tuesday?

Since Saturday night, I've been feeling exceedingly grouchy. My knees and other joints are all achy and painful because the weather can't make up its mind whether it's Spring or Winter. I've never had problems like this before, and it really frightens me that I'm so easily incapacitated. Tomorrow, I have appointments with a doctor of another sort, which I'm both looking forward to and dreading. One of those 'It's for your own good' things. I'll be glad when it's over.

The past two days at work have been rather... dull. I don't feel very well, and there's no much of a workload for me to do, since I've been keeping everything pretty up to date. My boss came by my desk briefly yesterday and asked if I wanted to stay on this project, or if I wanted to go back into the CSR herd. He admitted that he knew that asking that was like asking a child if they wanted a sweet or vegetables. So, from that conversation, I'm thinking it's a fairly good guess that I'm on this project permanently. This is good news, despite the fact that it's a lateral move; no pay raise.

Oh yes- before I go any farther. A couple of folks from Livejournal have tried talking to me on AIM or on the mucks, and I was... borderline rude. I'm sorry. I really... REALLY... take a long time to get to know people, and I'm not one of those that is always just instantly chatty and touchy feely. Sometimes I do immediately click with folks, but um.. it's rare. Very rare. In fact, I can only think of two people it's happened with. (I didn't immediately 'click' with Roho, when we first started getting to know each other, for instance. Of course, he was always IDLE online... damned EQ... anyway!) So yeah. If I don't immediately respond with hugs and snuggles and mucho lovin, don't take it personal, I'm just not that kind of person. And the lovins are spoken for, mmkay?

The past few weeks have been.. rather hectic. I've been trying to get things rolling again for <">AFA</a>, helping the director of K.A.R.E with some website issues, and trying to find personal and relationship time. The mind boggles how people like chebutykin manage such very active social lives. I can barely hobble along with my very gimpy one, although it seems that friends are determined to haul me out and do more. Not that I mind TOO much... Unfortunately, AFA needs help that I just can't justify right now. If you're local to Palos Hills, IL, btw and want to help out a super lady and spend time around some really interesting animals, you can email Kim, or contact me, and I'll send you the volunteer information. I'm also accepting offers of help with the Webmaster stuff. If there's something you do exceptionally well, let me know. We've got a ToDo list a mile long.

I do think I made the right choice in choosing gaming over volunteer work, however. Hopefully later this summer, if I can find more time, I can start helping out during the week for AFA, unfortunately right now, the two days I'm willing to spare are taken up with other activities. As I said yesterday (?), I had a blast during my first gaming session. Considering that my roleplaying experiences were limited to a bunch of immature teenagers in high school, and a group that was even MORE prone to smash the rules apart later, after I was married, I think I did rather well with picking up the nuances of gameplay. I have never played with a group that would throw books around looking up obscure rules for dice throwing, that used a grid map and miniatures, that had actual maps of the scenery where we were "adventuring". The other gamers are, for the most part, really fun as well. We had met Mitch and Dave at a New Year's party at another friend's home and really clicked well with them. (Doing MST3K to Clash of the Titans is a real bonding experience, let me tell you... and having a very.... prim... looking fellow holler out 'So we can still do anal?' during the scene where Andromeda gets the bad news that she has to remain virgin is... ahem.. well, it probably won't be the last time I have to tell Mitch not to talk while I'm drinking something) I had actually met all the gamers save for two on previous occasions, and only one of those two was there on Saturday. She seemed really nice, which is always good. I really enjoy the time spent with Lori, Roho's step aunt/cousin; she's a lot of fun, and makes the social lives of all our other friends put together seem barren and empty. Lori is.. just a good time in general. I look forward to seeing her more.

Bren and I had the chance to spend some time with an old friend on Friday, which was...unbelievably nice. I said some.. poorly thought out things, and was a bit of a jerk once, and it's taken nearly a year for things to settle back so that we're on speaking terms. I'm happy with the new developments, and really wish I had kept my nose out of things that didn't concern me way back when. Oh well.. hindsight's 20/20. Anyway, dinner was great, we drug him back to our apartment and introduced him to the joy that is Alton Brown, and loaned him a few dvds to take home and peruse. <3 AB. He is my culinary hero. We went to bed a bit late on Friday night, and annoyingly, woke up rather early.

I miss the days of being able to sleep in until 10 am. Now, I'm aggravatingly awake by 7 on most mornings, and if I want to sleep longer, I have to force it... which usually results in a pounding headache. This is despite the fact that some nights I'm up til 1 AM with various insomnia/pains, and... meh. I just want to sleep in on the weekends. Is that too much to ask? I don't think so.

Marcus continues to be destructive at home. We hid all the toilet paper, only to wander into the bathroom and find what's on the roll thoroughly gnawed. The little shit did it while we were home, too. Once he's destroyed the pristine surface of the paper, his destructive urges seem to be satisfied, as he usually will leave it alone after that. I know he's bored, but this is getting really annoying. (Oh, and for those that suggested crating him, No. Just.. No. Don't argue with me about it. I don't want to hear it.) Cailet has gotten to this weird stage where sometimes she'll tolerate him for a minute or two, then decide she's had enough and swat the crap out of him. It gives me hope that perhaps we won't have to deal with another 10 years of 'hiss growl spit' every time he goes near her. The other night we were letting them both roam free, and he cornered her under the bed around 3 AM... I thought WWIII had erupted down there. Other than that, our furry children are doing fine. Fat and sassy, both of them. I really need to upload pictures. Our scaley child (Snark) is doing well also; Bren cleaned her tank last night, and we found that our antisocial little scaley butt has put on a good bit of weight and really filled out. She's no longer slim and slinky.. now she's getting a bit on the pudgy side. I'm not sure why all my pets end up being portly.. God knows I don't feed them too much. (Rather, the pets in the same household as me.. not saying that Snark is MY pet, although I think of her as OURS... )

Rrg. It's only 2 PM and I'm already ready to head home. I am in serious desire of a nap. Not having anything to do is really not helping.

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