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As I was leaving work today, I saw a strange truck drive up and into the back of our parking lot where I was parked. A woman got out, then walked around and opened the back (it was like an old bronco or blazer). Before I realized what was going on, a black and white blur flew out of the back of the vehicle and darted over a hill, immediately followed by the irate honking of geese. I walked a little closer and had the treat of watching a well trained border collie in action. I was extremely happy to find that this is how our office complex deals with the goose problem. In Illinois, at all times of the year, canadian geese are literally everywhere. They're a real problem. Having a dog chase the geese away is productive and eco-friendly all around. And... I admit... it was a lot of fun to watch the dog in action.

When I got home, I found that Marcus had shredded another roll of toilet paper. Last week, I had redecorated the bathroom to include a basket with spare rolls of TP for ease of guests and for general usage. Yesterday I came home to find two rolls completely shredded all over the livingroom floor. Since Cailet's never been one for destruction and mayhem, Marcus was the obvious culprit. Coming home to find it AGAIN today was... disheartening at best.

He'll spend the evening in "Time Out", and when we get home from dinner, he'll be let out to use the litterbox, then probably locked back up again. I have all ideas that his misbehaving is because he spends all night by himself, then all day by himself... Cailet doesn't play with him (at least, not where we can see), and I imagine the little tyke is bored and a bit lonely. I'll try and spend some extra time with him this weekend and see if he's gotten any better about being quiet at night.

In other news, I was really frustrated to find that the software delivered with my camera does not offer an option to move images from the camera to my computer and delete them. Nooo, I must unplug the USB cable then delete them off the camera manually. That sucks rocks. I also found that my card only holds 23 images. This also sux0rs. A new, larger card must be procured before AC, since I plan on taking lots and lots of pictures while we're vacationing. I'll worry about it later.

I have two more appointments for my health next week; One will be a weekly thing, the other (thankfully) just a one time eval then periodic checkups for medication adjustments. It's costing me a good bit, but... I feel like I'm making steps in the right direction, so... yeah. That's good.

No other real news. We're going out to dinner with an old friend we haven't seen in a while, which will be really nice.

More later.

On the music.. after listening further, it's from the Edward Scissorhands soundtrack, if anyone was curious.

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