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So yeah. Yesterday was my birthday. I clung to sleep as long as I could, finally rolling out of bed around 8:30. I've noticed lately that I'm tired much earlier in the evening of late, and I wake up a lot earlier. I suppose it's a decent tradeoff, but I miss sleeping late on the weekends. I had Friday off from work as one of the benefits of my employer (you don't work your birthday, if it's on a weekend, you get the Friday or Monday off), and spent it cleaning the apartment. The whole place gleams and sparkles, and it made me feel that the aching joints and back were worth it when Bren wandered around exclaiming 'Wow!'.

Anyway- Saturday morning, I woke up as late as I could.. then crawled out and onto the couch, at which time I got my first gift of the morning. Bren offered to make pancakes for breakfast. Since it's been forever since I had pancakes, I happily accepted. While he was away banging in the kitchen, I received a few birthday wishes from friends, which made me feel extremely good, then found Bren's entry in his livejournal... which set the mood for the morning. The pancakes turned out beautifully and were amazingly tasty, despite the fact they were made from an Atkins mix (the pancake pouches, folks. They taste REAL.), and then, he drug in the gift he had bought.

Now, I love cooking. My kitchen is MY room in our home. When Brendan drug in the Stainless Steel Cookware set, I almost cried. I've been drooling over a stainless steel set for ages, and... here it was. I had actually planned on buying it myself once we moved, but.. here was my wonderful man. :)

After I bounced around all giddily for a bit, we got in some nice quiet time together. Weekends are usually our time to reconnect, and that morning was just.. extra special. We had decided that the day would contain a movie and a dinner at my favorite restraunt. Unfortunately, due to a miscommunication, we missed the time we wanted to see for Hidalgo, so we puttered up to Libertyville to hit Mickey Finn's and the local comic shop. On our way to Finn's, we stopped in at Treasures and Trash; a delightful little antique store with all sorts of odd treasures. We found something that we think may suit for Bren's father, since his birthday is this coming week, and saw several gorgeous mahogany serving pieces on sale. Mmm. Mahogany. Once we buy our permanent house.... ohh yeah.. Momma's going antiquing. After that, we hit Finn's for a light lunch. We ended up having an Imperial Delusion (potent stout with a whopping 7.8% alcohol level) for Bren and a plain jane wheat ale sampler for me. Lunch was Finn's divine spinach and artichoke cheese dip, which got us ready for the later showing of the movie by removing any cravings for popcorn or movie snacks. After lunch, we stopped at the Libertyville Comic Shop to look for Vampire, the Masquerade sourcebooks. I've joined a new gaming group and one of the campaigns is Vampire. I've played the White Wolf system before, but I never bought the Vampire books. Unfortunately, we've found them to be remarkably difficult to find. The comic shop was very unhelpful, so we left and went down to the Hawthorne Mall, where we first checked Barnes and Noble, then toddled over to Gamers Paradise. I got the Players Guide, which I think I may just make due with. I'd have to order in the Core book specially, and... yeah.. I was very impressed with the employees there- they were both knowledgeable and helpful. I'll probably go back, especially since they were very willing to order things for me.

After escaping the mall's Evil Parking Lot, we puttered south to the Regal AC theater to catch Hidalgo. Since we were 30 minutes early, we took the opportunity to talk to the Theater Manager about an accidental double charge from last time we were there (Bren had tried using the Fandango machine outside to buy tickets for the Triplets of Belleville, cancelled the purchase, then went in to buy at the box office... and was charged twice). The Manager was quite reluctant to give us a refund, but offered movie passes as compensation. Since we adore this theater, we were happy with that option. 1 large soda later, we were ensconced in comfy chairs and watching the movie. I won't go into spoilers- I will just say that Hidalgo was a bit formulaic and cliche in spots, but.... as long as you don't want to nitpick, you just want to sit back and watch a good story... then it's a damned fine show. I was a bit choked up by the end, and I am very interested in finding out more about the main character, as the movie is based on his story. I loved it, and it will join my tiny dvd collection when it is released.

After the movie, we puttered up to to BD's for the birthday dinner. I was a bit disappointed that the restraunt was nearly packed, and the waitress we got wasn't anyone we knew. The service left a bit to be desired, the tortillas we got were few and cold, but the grillers were, as always, amazing. feren, you'll be happy to hear that Bill is back. :) We topped dinner off with one of the humongus Brownie sundaes, which served as my birthday cake. ;) We rolled ourselves home groaning and flopped on the couch to watch tv for the rest of the evening.

I did talk to my parents briefly, my mom seems to be feeling a bit ill, but my Dad was in good spirits. He evidently planted several trees at their homestead in my honor. ;)

All in all... I think this was probably the best birthday I've ever had. Not for the gift, or any of the other more materialistic aspects, but... just.. it was a great day. :)

Thank you Brendan... for everything you did. I love you so much honey.

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