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Nnnnghhh.. It's early. Far too early. Of course, on the night we go to bed the latest, we have to get up the earliest, and in true fashion, I wake up 30 minutes before the alarm goes off and have trouble going back to sleep. Fortunately I got to doze while Bren was getting ready, but.. it's not the same. :)

I spoke with my parents last night for the first time in a while. It was nice, if a bit frustrating. After assuring me in January that they had no plans to come to Chicago this year, they're now changing their tune, which leaves me wondering which planned vacation I'm going to need to cancel. Of course, they still haven't told me for sure that they're coming. It's infuriating that I can't get through to them that I need to know NOW so I can plan accordingly. Rrrrg.

I have a lot of things I need to do, and it feels like I'm spinning my wheels a lot. I tried to print out copies of a commission I've been working on, and found out the printer won't print. I've already redrawn the commission 3 times, and I'm really not eager to do it again. The whole point was to be able to print several copies out onto Bristol so I could try and get the coloring where I wanted it. The commissioner is happy with it the way it is (it seems), but... I really don't want the finished product to look so.. shabby. This makes me grumpy. I'll probably poke at the printer this weekend to see if I can coax it to work; as we don't really have the budget for a new one until after the move in September.

I think I may have found a doctor that will work, which is pleasing. I have my first appointment next week... we'll see how it goes. I hate going to the doctor, so I'm having a hard time with vague anxiety about the appointment.

Work continues to go well. AB, my coworker and team-mate on this project, came back from a meeting with the CEO and executive staff, in which a discussion was held about the work I've been doing since I was moved over. Evidently, they're all so pleased with my work that they asked if I could work on another client in addition to the one I'm currently doing. The thought of working for Client 'W' makes me cringe. I was very happy that she told them 'NO' rather emphatically. Unfortunately, the client I'm working on is being sold. It's being divided up between two other companies, who are actually just buying the stores (Our clients are retail companies). The corporate office for Client 'E' will be dissolved, all the stores will be renamed, and probably restocked with the purchaser's merchandise. Both of the companies buying this client have contracts with us, but not as involved a contract as 'E' does. Soo.. it'll be interesting. I don't know if I'll be shuffled back into the CSR paddock when this project ends; whether or not the new owners will want this project to continue... it's all up in the air. I know my old team will likely dissolve and be merged in with others, as 'E' was recently made our only client. Bleh! This month does mark my first year at my job, however. This means at the next quarterly meeting (next month), I'll get a little certificate of thanks and a $50 gift certificate from Amex. One of the primary reasons I wanted to stay in Chicago for a bit longer is the gift employees get for the 5 year mark- An all expense paid 3 day weekend vacation. As annoying as my employer can be, there are some benefits that just can't be beat. :)

The apartment is finally rearranged and cleaned the way I want it. I still need to do a bit of dusting here and there, and clean the bathroom (Yech! I don't want to know what that is on the wall!), but overall, I'm very pleased. I got my digital camera last week, so I'll probably take pictures and upload them.

In other news, I just finished reading Seabiscuit. It was a fascinating read, and for someone that grew up reading Dick Francis, it was rather interesting to see American Racing as opposed to British. I still want to go to Arlington sometime to see the horses run. There was a time in my childhood where I had dreams of being a jockey, but my weight crept up, and I discovered I had an abject fear of falling. (Amusing, considering how many times I HAVE fallen off horses.) I really miss being around horses. They really are my first love of the animal kingdom. Hopefully after we move out east, we can get a place that I can keep them.

Anyway.. going to try and burn a cd with MP3s so I have something to listen to at work. Ciao, folks!

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