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Okay! As mentioned yesterday, I'm giving crap away. Here's the new list (things folks have asked for have been removed from the original.)

1 pair size 10 sneakers. Man made materials, a bit scuffed up, but not heavily worn.

MCSE Training Guide - Windows 95 (with CDROM) - HARDCOVER

Zombies of the Gene Pool - Sharyn McCrumb
Saint Peter's Wolf - Michael Cadnum (poor condition)
Prince of The Blood - Raymond E Feist
Skin Trade - Short Stories, Horror
The Dragonbone Chair - Tad Williams
Such Pain - WoD, Mage
People of the Sea - W Michael Gear
Tears of Rage, Adam's Story - John Walsh (nonfiction)
Romeo and Juliet - William Shakespeare (small pocket paperback in... dubious condition. ;) )

The Uncrowned King - Michelle West

The Witching Hour - Anne Rice

Stone of Tears - Terry Goodkind
Wizard's First Rule - Terry Goodkind (front cover's a little loose)

Fires of Heaven - Robert Jordan
Lord of Chaos - Robert Jordan (poor condition)

King's Dragon - Kate Elliott
Prince of Dogs - Kate Elliot (HARDCOVER dust jacket in poor condition)
The Burning Stone - Kate Elliot (HARDCOVER, dust jacket in poor condition)

The Medusa Plague - Dragonlance
Riverwind the Plainsman - Dragonlance
Tanis the Shadow Years - Dragonlance
The Dragons of Krynn - Dragonlance
The Dawning of a New Age - Dragonlance
Wanderlust - Dragonlance
Before the Mask - Dragonlance
Night of the Eye - Dragonlance (... Geez I had a lot of these)

Realms of Valor (Short Stories, Forgotten Realms)
Realms of Magic (Short Stories, Forgotten Realms)
Shadowdale (Avatar Trilogy, Forgotten Realms)

The Eagle and the Nighingales - Mercedes Lackey
A cast of Corbies - Mercedes Lackey

The books have been with me since high school in some cases, so they're worn, but mostly taken well care of. I believe I have more of the Bardic Voices from Mercedes Lackey series laying around somewhere, but I'm not sure.

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