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Home from the company meeting, and wondering why I'm feeling so much better. Bah. They fed us really well, and several of the people at my table were nicely toasted. I think next quarter, I'll go visit the bar before the meeting, too.

The company seems to be doing really well financially... I was pleased to see that staffing is number 2 on the list of problems they want to address in 2004. I was even more pleased to hear that the company is talking about opening an office on the east coast soon. I'm really hoping for the Boston area; both because it's logical, and because in 5-6 years, I may be able to transfer there rather than go through the whole job search thing. I'm giving serious thought to staying in the telecom business; obviously not in customer service, but perhaps in the project management or the more technical aspects. I could make a good career out of it, I think.

After eating, and getting away from the office, I felt a lot better.. I had good company as well. I'm not terribly close with any of my coworkers, but the two I was sitting with tonight are some that I like more than others. I was pleased to see, too, that next quarter, I'll be getting my 1 year pin and appreciation award- a $50 gift certificate from Amex. Mmm. Yeah. :9

I came home to find Bren busy in the kitchen making some sort of spinach-cheese casserole for my lunches. Last night he made chicken stir fry for me, and there was a plate of low-carb muffins cooling as well. Sometimes... I have got to be the stupidest person in the world. I have been so wrapped up with the traditional gender roles that the thought that Brendan would cook for me while I'm dieting just.. never occured to me. It's something I have a real problem with, and he's very gently and persistently showing me that he survived quite well before I came along, and is happy to do things for me for a change. I just.. wow. Thank you, angel. I don't deserve you. (As you so tackily agreed tonight)

So.. some of the stress of dieting is easing off. Tomorrow night we have dinner with a friend at one of our favorite brewpubs.. .I doubt seriously that there is going to be anything particularly atkins friendly; unless I eat a salad.. and I'm okay with that. I'm pretty content with things right now; a marked contrast from earlier this afternoon.

Right now, I'm going to use a bit of what's left of my evening to write up some html stoof for AFA, and get some work done. I need to stop complaining about my life and get off my ass and do something about it.

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